Google Street View now works with mobile browsers

    Google has made its Street View service available to users with mobile browsers. In order to open a new opportunity for your smartphone, just go to and enter the name of the village, attractions or just the region that you want to see. The browser will show you the desired object, and a figure of a man will be displayed at the bottom right. When you click on this icon, if the object is available in Street View, you will see a familiar service.

    Actually, working with Street View can be as simple as using a regular browser. You can move the panorama in any direction with your finger, or scroll through it 360 degrees. You can also travel the streets, everything is as usual. For example, you can take a virtual tour of Times Square in New York. When you click on the little man’s figure (after searching for the specified object in Google Maps), you see the area in all its glory.

    A new feature of the Google Maps web application will allow users of mobile devices, for example, iOS devices, to work with Street View without any problems. The service itself is becoming more convenient and complete, as Google expands the number of streets and regions available to the “viewer”. By the way, not so long ago, the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the Amazon, some US national parks and other similar regions were opened to users of Street View. Now all this is available from a mobile phone.

    Via Cnet

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