Ukrainians will receive electronic passports

    Today, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the law, according to which all biometric data will be entered into a single state register. The passport of the citizen of Ukraine and the passport will be equipped with an electronic contactless carrier. The

    passport of the citizen of Ukraine will be a plastic card, issued for a period of 10 years (regardless of age, from birth) and contain detailed information about the owner, even a signature sample and the appearance of the person. The passport will be a 32-page book, also with electronic media.

    The approval of the law is one of the steps to fulfill the EU requirements for a visa-free regime.

    This news cannot but rejoice) I remind you that in Ukraine, in addition to electronic passports, in the summer they introduced free electronic keys for signing reports in tax and PF (the practice of electronic signatures has been around for a long time, just in the summer the state funded free reporting software by buying a ready-made solution, and the issuance of keys)

    When and how the issuing process itself will begin - I have not found it anywhere. To be honest - I knew that the corresponding bill was put forward in May of this year, but I did not expect that it would go so smartly.


    UPD: I don’t understand why the news is scary for some, especially in this community. The news seems quite peppy and positive to me. At a minimum, the need for each sneeze to cross passport and TIN and distort “copy is correct” only so that someone from this piece of paper somewhere somewhere somewhere drives my data (for example, in a bank, about state institutions I’m silent at all), and then I don’t know how I ordered it, - eventually, I hope, it will disappear. Not all of us in the last century to sit with tons of waste paper and ballpoint pens.

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