Google surpasses Microsoft in capitalization

    So, without a doubt, a significant event took place in the history of Google Inc .: the company from Mountain View went around the capitalization of the mastodon from Redmond - Microsoft, becoming the second company in the IT sector after Apple. Google shares reached $ 760, while Microsoft shares fell below $ 29.70, which allowed Google Inc. achieve a capitalization of $ 248.8 billion against $ 247.9 billion.

    According to analysts, the reason for this growth in Google is the explosive growth in the activation of mobile devices running Google Android, the strengthening of the position of the Google Chrome browser on the Internet, the growth of company profits and growth prospects. But Microsoft’s subsidence is due to some stagnation of the company, not the most successful results of the last quarter and the subsidence of the PC market. However, Microsoft has every chance of winning ground with Google with the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

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