"Interests" on "Mamba": girls like cats, men - movies

    At the end of August, a new service “Like” appeared in the Unified dating and communication service “Mamba”. The launch of this service fundamentally changed the process of finding people and dating. Currently, participants have added more than 800,000 interests. The most popular are "cats" and "comedy".

    In the modern world, the “I'm Interested” trend has quickly gained recognition and popularity among the audience (especially on the Internet). It has become fashionable to get involved in something and tell about it not only to friends, but also to strangers. Perhaps, in order to make a new acquaintance, this is one of the best ways (especially if the hobby is somehow unusual). That is why the fall season in Internet dating began with a clarification of the interests of Mamba users.

    The undoubted leaders of preferences were "Cats." As you might guess, this happened thanks to the female audience of the system, since almost every girl noted this item. The cat family outperforms almost all sections. So, for example, the Kenyan Forest Cat is much more popular than the Buddha or Fencing (who ever heard of this cat?). The second place went to the interest of Comedy. He scored almost the same number of fans among both sexes (on average, every second guy and every third girl marked this item). "Nature" was a bronze medalist with a slight margin from the genre of cinema. Then follows "Homeliness", which is interesting to all the young ladies and some men. Liberia turned out to be the rarest interest (26 men and 20 girls noted it).

    In addition to the fact that you can get to know a person better by interests, you can search for users by them: the item “search with similar interests” has appeared. In the search results, the participants with the most similar hobbies are shown first. Starting a conversation is now easier, and the chance of getting an answer increases significantly. For example, it turned out that many girls are much more attracted to the night city and evening walks than cinema and clubs.

    The Interests service has just started, but has already gained the expected popularity with the audience. Of course, like any project, the service will be further developed taking into account the wishes of users. Mamba will follow the changes in the interests of the audience in today's rapidly changing world.

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