NEC EA273WM - Extremely Angry 27 Inches

    Smartphones, tablets, laptops ... Somehow, recently, everyone has become very mobile. I realized the other day that I had not sat at a stationary computer for a very long time. Meanwhile, it is still quite powerful, and some things are much more convenient to do on it. Ultrabooks are ultrabooks, but it’s more convenient to watch a movie or a game to play on a large display. And to work with texts is a pleasure. Only trouble arose: the old Samsung monitor about 19 inches began to hint that it was time for him to rest. It was time to look for a replacement, and my choice fell on the NEC EA273WM. Of course, it doesn’t look so elegant, but for the same money that I spent on the 19-inch SyncMaster several years ago, now you can buy a larger Full-HD panel.

    So! EA273WM is a 27-inch NEC monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The frame around the matrix is ​​quite small - 2 cm, and the thickness of the monitor itself is quite small - 6 cm. The design weighs 4.5 kilograms and sits on a massive round base that allows you to adjust the height, as well as the angle of rotation of the display vertically and horizontally. In addition, the panel can be switched to portrait mode, however, the image orientation will have to be changed manually in the operating system.

    In the lower left part of the case is a pair of USB for quick connection of peripherals. On the rear panel you can find a couple more ports, but this is already obvious for connecting something for a long time, because constantly deploy the monitor is unlikely that anyone will like it. There is also an audio jack for connecting a sound source to two built-in speakers with a power of 1 W each.

    Nearby are numerous video ports: DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA. In addition, next to them you can find a pair of connectors for connecting NEC Control Sync cables, with which you can synchronize up to five monitors.

    Along the lower right side of the panel is a series of touch buttons: power key, menu, OK and navigation buttons up, down, left and right. In addition, there is also an Eco button with which you can select one of the three power modes of the device. However, you don’t have to bother manually, as the monitor is also equipped with a pair of sensors: proximity and light. They work in conjunction and can turn off the backlight when the user leaves the computer or vice versa to twist the LED backlight to the maximum if the room is too bright.

    The monitor is based on the TN matrix, which gives it both advantages and some disadvantages. In general, EA273WM copes with most of the tasks assigned to it very well, but there are nuances. For example, while watching movies, the monitor fulfills dynamic scenes well, without blurring the image, but dark portions of the picture often merge together. That is, grayscale is not the best side of this gadget. If you want perfect black and gray, it is better, of course, to turn your attention to the PAxxxxx line, but in addition to multimedia, the correct text display is also important for me, and here everything is great with EA273WM. This model also has very bad viewing angles. And if we are used to the fact that almost no devices already have special problems with the horizontal, then not every monitor can work out 160 degrees vertically.

    In general, NEC EA273WM pleased with the functionality: here you have DisplayPort, and sensors, and a fast matrix, and of course a large diagonal with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. There are, of course, disadvantages, but it’s easy to put up with them, given the price of this giant model not so high - it starts with 15 thousand rubles.

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