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    A small overview of dictionary shells for Android. Dictionaries on the phone are great. But here's how to watch them ...


    This program is quite popular. It does not have many settings, a very simple interface and it performs its functions well. You can use dictionaries from stardicict, as well as search for articles by headings in Wikipedia and wordnet. Colordict does not know how to play sound files with pronunciation, but this is not the biggest drawback. When searching, auto-completion works and the query history is saved. Full-text and morphological searches for dictionary entries are not implemented. This is a significant drawback for many languages.

    All installed dictionaries can be turned off and connected as needed, but doing this is very inconvenient, especially if there are several dictionaries and they are for different languages. Each dictionary has to be connected / disconnected individually; multiple choice of dictionary list elements and dictionary groups are not implemented.
    In addition, for each dictionary, you can specify the color of the frame that will frame the dictionary entries. Settings allow you to change the font size and display of dictionary entries. There are very few settings, and they are understandable at first glance. The display of dictionary entries is quite satisfactory, but some stardict dictionaries are displayed with a large number of white space, so reading such dictionaries on a small phone screen is difficult.

    ColorDict integrates many e-book readers.
    Conclusion ColorDict has a very simple interface and is quite convenient and easy to use, and if the number of necessary dictionaries is small, then it is quite coping with its task.

    Forora dictionary

    The following program "understands" much more formats, namely:
    StarDict, XDXF, the DSL, and dictd Plain (TSV) dictionary formats, in addition, it is able to search for articles in Wikipedia.

    In addition to the standard search, you can try Wildcard search and Fuzzy search. Morphological search is implemented only for the English language.

    Auto-completion also works and query history is saved. The great advantage of the program is the availability of profiles - several dictionaries can be combined into one profile (group) and switch between them to search for a group of dictionaries. The procedure for adding dictionaries is rather inconvenient, but after the dictionaries are sorted by profiles, life is greatly simplified. When connecting dictionaries, indexing occurs. Well, very slowly ...

    When trying to connect Müller’s English-Russian dictionary in stardict format, the program failed in an exceptional situation, and a couple of dictionaries also failed to be connected. The program has a fairly large number of settings, including font, color, etc., most of which are immediately incomprehensible, but over time some of them turn out to be very useful. Dictionary articles are displayed quite compactly, and for quick navigation through dictionary entries (if there are several of them as a result of the search), you can enable the sidebar-panel for quick movement. As well as ColorDict for each dictionary, you can set the color by which dictionary entries will be displayed. Conclusion

    Fora Dictionary supports all popular dictionary formats, allows you to work with a large number of dictionaries, is almost omnivorous, but not quite stable, and with a rather complicated interface and complicated character.

    To be continued ... If it's over, someone is interested.

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