SHA-3 will be born soon

    According to Bruce Schneier on his blog, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is about to introduce a new hash algorithm, called SHA-3. NIST chose 5 finalists

    for the right to fight in the finals for the new SHA-3 title : BLAKE, Grøstl, JH, Keccak, and Skein . The latter is the brainchild of Bruce Schneier himself.

    According to Schneier, there is no candidate among the finalists with a clear advantage: some are faster than others, but not by orders of magnitude. Of course, Schneier would like his own algorithm to win the race. But only out of a sense of pride, and not for objective reasons.

    Bruce Schneier also notes that the SHA family of algorithms is under increasing pressure from new types of cryptanalysis (but does not specify which ones). And it's hard to say how long the various types of SHA-2 will remain safe. Although, already in 2012, the use of SHA-512 is still not such a bad idea.

    The exact date of the announcement of which algorithm SHA-3 will be called is unknown. On the NIST website it is written somewhat vaguely that it will be in 2012:

    NIST also plans to host a final SHA-3 Candidate Conference in the spring of 2012 to discuss the public feedback on these candidates, and select the SHA-3 winner later in 2012

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