Selection of the best Skolkovo MD mobile diagnostic device concept

    The Skolkovo Foundation is selecting the best concept of the Skolkovo MD mobile diagnostic device, which is intended for an independent assessment of the state of health by an ordinary user. The Selection Winner will receive a cash prize of up to 9 million rubles and will continue to work on his device in the status of a project participating in the Skolkovo Foundation.

    To win the Selection, candidates need to prove and show that their device is useful, unique and functional, and can also be implemented in the near future. A mobile diagnostic device (MDU) should become a fundamentally new self-diagnosis device that anyone can use. MDU should be convenient in operation and compact (weighing up to 1.5 kilograms).

    The range of diagnostic tests carried out by the device should be wide enough: in addition to determining traditional indicators (such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration), the MDL should diagnose a number of serious clinical conditions: from urinary tract infections and anemia to diabetes. A full list of development requirements can be found on the website

    The main expert functions of the device should be implemented in a remote database. To make a decision that a person may have a deviation in health status, it is necessary to analyze the data received by the device, upload them to the “cloud”, which will already give recommendations, for example, urgently visiting a doctor. Data from hundreds of thousands of users can be stored in the cloud, so the diagnostic capabilities of the MDU platform will constantly expand with the growing number of users who regularly check their health.

    Over 50 teams from cities of Russia, Belarus, Germany and Switzerland take part in the selection. The teams included 9 current Academicians (RAS, RAMS, RANS and other academies), 28 Doctors of Sciences and 41 Candidates of Sciences. This is an amazing potential that we have been able to collect to solve an extremely important task for the whole world.

    The winner, whose name will become known on December 12, 2012, will have the opportunity to complete the work on creating a mobile diagnostic device with financial support from the Skolkovo Foundation.

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