We make a Wi-Fi antenna from improvised means

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Hello to all. I would like to say right away that I did not pursue a serious improvement, but I did not have a standard antenna, well, and probably this was done more. " There is nothing to do ." It is easy to make such an antenna, and you don’t have to go to the store.

This is what the antenna looks like, which came with a PCI card.

We will disassemble it by simply scrolling the seam.

Take a copper wire, measure ~ 7cm and remember the place, you can just bend it.

From the bend point we will make 7 turns using a conventional self-tapping screw.

Next, measure ~ 2.5 cm from the turns and cut them off.

We take our standard antenna and cut off the end, a little more than half.

Next, solder the short end to the antenna.

To prevent the antenna from dangling, I put on a tube from the gel pen.

After these manipulations, the reception began to suit me, and I killed 10 minutes of time with benefit.
Thank you all for reading.

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