Forget burger king! There is a leak of documents is more dangerous

    Still can not stop pouring righteous anger at the unfortunate burger? Do you still remember about the indexation of some semi-private Googledocs by search engines? There was something more impressive here!

    Pavel Medvedev discovered a new leak of documents from citizens of the Russian Federation on a variety of websites, including in the domains of Sberbank and others, through search queries to Yandex. Yandex - there is everything (and your passports too)!

    An example of a search string .

    +1) 152 fz? No, not heard

    Posted by Pavel Medvedev on  Thursday, July 12, 2018

    From VTB, Sberbank, websites of state and municipal services of Moscow and some online stores leaked name, card numbers, passport scans, train tickets and airplanes ... In most cases, compromised portals neglect the elementary requirements of data protection - they even have no or incorrect robots.txt file configured.

    Here's what you can, for example, find:



    In the comments suggest that this " re-connected " old hole in 2011 in the Webasyst Engine ShopScript3

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