Fine commits

    Inspired by the article How to write comments on commits .

    In three hundred local hubs did not find "Humor in IT", so here.

    Software developer

    Codit ...

    Commit ....

    Project manager and service

    - Hey, who taught you how to code this?
    Software Developer:
    - Teachers. And cho, problems?

    Project Manager:
    - We have rules. The commit should be with a title and a detailed comment, separated by an empty line. The title should begin with a capital letter, be no more than 50 characters long and be in the imperative mood.

    In some kind of mood? ..


    Development Tim

    Project Manager:
    - We’ll take the car from you, suspend your account. Bring your teachers to the morning mit-up tomorrow, we will justify anyone who you are and what you are.

    La-ya ...

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