How many unique domains in each zone?

    The .COM domain is rightfully considered the king of top-level domains. This zone has the most registered second-level domains, domains in the .COM zone are the most valuable, and almost every large company seeks to obtain such a domain. Moreover, it is believed that almost every domain in any other zone (especially gTLD) has its own counterpart in the .COM zone.

    Is it really? Domaintoolsconducted a study of the database of domains and whois to find out how many unique domains in each domain zone. A unique domain name is a name that does not occur in any other zone. For example, is not unique because also exists. The percentage of unique domain names can show which zones are popular among a certain circle of users and are independent of the authority of .COM, and which are perceived by users as a less prestigious version of the main top-level domain.


    Domain.COM with 75% of unique names turned out to be the leader here, because there are much more domain names in this zone than in any other gTLD.

    60% of domains in the German .DE zone have no analogues in .COM and other zones, which indicates a good reputation and high popularity of the national domain among German users.

    In the .tk domain it is possible to register a domain for free, hence the high rate of 56% of unique names.

    Next on the list are national domains with approximately 40% of unique names. Users from these countries also do not consider it necessary to have a domain in the .COM zone.

    The only gTLD with a large number of unique domains besides .COM is the .INFO zone. The likely reason is the big discounts on domain name registration.

    The least unique domains are in .CO (5%), .ASIA (4%), .EU (3%) zones. This result was expected, because the .CO domain was advertised as an analogue of the .COM zone - even with the same decryption - company. In the recently opened domains of the European Union and Asia, there are many copies not only from the .COM zone, but also from the top-level domains of other European and Asian states, respectively.

    It should be noted that 51% of all considered second-level domains exist in only one zone.

    And here is the rating of the domain zones in which the most domains are registered that coincide with the domains in the .COM zone


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