Scrum to big teams: LeSS Day 2018

    The scram framework is gradually being mastered by more and more large-scale teams. Our company has such experience. Together with Unusual Concepts, we plan to share our work with everyone in the framework of the Large-Scale Scrum - LeSS Day 2018, which will be held on July 16 in the Comcity office in Moscow.

    The event is free, and participants from other cities will be able to watch the online broadcast, which we will launch in our blog.

    Our event is more likely for those managers who already use scrum, can organize a team to develop a single feature or even a whole product, but do not yet understand how to scale this into the processes of the entire enterprise. That is, we focus on those who have already realized that without a large-scale transformation of the entire business in accordance with the methodology of scams is not enough - but still does not know which way to approach it. Along the way, we will tell a lot of interesting things to those who are somehow connected with the alignment of processes: scram masters, agile-coaches, as well as everyone who is interested in new approaches to managing medium and large companies.

    During the event, we will look at one of the popular frameworks for scaling up scram into large teams - LeSS - but let's not talk about theory. LeSS Day main focus - practical cases from Russia and from the nearest neighbors.

    • Kirill Menshov, senior vice president of information technology at Rostelecom PJSC, will tell you about what it is - an expensive big company for a hybrid operating model - and the practical application of flat management structures.
    • How LeSS was deployed in the MTS Cashier, it will be possible to learn from Ilya Pavlichenko from Unusual Concepts.
    • The evolutionary and revolutionary features of LeSS, studied on examples of the implementation of approaches in “DoDo Pizza”, will be presented in the report by Anton Bevzyuk.
    • Sergey Lobin from Unusual Concepts will show the difficulties and major mistakes that a company may encounter when introducing LeSS.
    • Why LeSS is inevitable when evolving from the least to the most and what is needed to repeat the positive experience in its business, will explain Mikhail Vyazankin from AgileVerse.

    “After the market turmoil of the last decade, many owners are very careful. One of the ideas of my speech is to show that the risk is not so great and LeSS is a natural continuation of the ideas of Scrum. ”
    Mikhail Vyazankin (AgileVerse).
    There will also be another practical case for introducing LeSS in an international bank by Mark Kachanov (Unusual Concepts).

    In their reports, the speakers will address the problems of cultural immaturity of large companies in terms of work under the new approach and resistance at all levels of the hierarchical structure to transformation into a plane. We hope that their experience will help Russian business to overcome the problems typical of scram.

    Yes, the conference is free. For anyone who can not register or attend the event in person, we will launch an online broadcast from 10.30 to 13.00.

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