A pleasant trifle in the "Express Office" - comfortable keyboards

    During the discussion of the topic raised by Angerslave in a post about increasing developer productivity, they touched on the problem with the mobile workstation and the presence of an ergonomic keyboard. The problem, in fact, is that a mobile developer moving with a laptop is unlikely to carry a keyboard with him, protecting his wrists from the occurrence of tunnel channel syndrome . Therefore, we have already ordered two Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 keyboards for testing, and as soon as we receive them from the supplier (August 22-23), we will provide them to the users of our service who wish.

    I can say from my own experience that a month and a half after the start of using the ergonomic keyboard, the frequency of wrist pain is significantly reduced, and after a couple of months I completely forgot about the problem.

    By the way, by the end of September we will have a run-in of this service, so we will not take extra money for keyboard rental! And I hasten to recall that our campaign for the provision of services for half the price continues until the end of August. Two more weeks there is an opportunity to conclude long-term contracts for the rental of jobs and negotiation at current prices and save a whole year!

    UPD1:During the discussion of the topic, I thought that the keyboard from MS is something that every second one can have at home, but since we try to provide a fairly high-quality service, why not offer a rarer device. Interesting opinion of the community - would you be attracted by the opportunity to work at Kinesis Advantage ?

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