How to keep the address database in order


    A lot of marketing is included in the marketing - this is layout, collection of the database, its processing, identification of customer needs, analysis of returns from each newsletter, testing, sales promotion, and competent content that causes a certain response. Anyone can just click the “send” button. But only a specialist will be able to make sure that after this click the necessary changes occur, the result you need appears. Do not worry, anyone can become a specialist. Even if you just read our blog and discuss it, you will find out the key points - “secrets” that distinguish the newsletter specialist from the frantic spammer.

    Can automated mailing fail?

    One of our readers once came to the following conclusion: if you do mailing with a robot, personalization does not avoid mistakes, so you need to do personal mailing manually, and mailing services are just some kind of error services. However, this is not entirely true - such difficulties can be avoided. That is why let's talk today about the important stage that precedes the automated mailing itself. This is work with your base.

    Work with the database before creating the database itself

    Preparatory work with the base begins when you are just considering how to assemble your base. Roughly speaking, you need two things:

    1. Make registration quick, simple and attractive
    2. Get the information you need (name, mail + what will be important for you in the future, for example, gender, year or date of birth, place of residence) .

    The balance between these two needs is a real art. On the one hand, if registration is too simple, you can collect leads with idle or unconfirmed mailboxes, and then you simply did not collect anything. On the other hand, if you confuse the user during registration, propose too long a registration procedure, request too much incoming data and confirmations by e-mail, then the client will reasonably think “Come on” and go somewhere else through the vast expanses, and you will remain with a nose. Therefore, ideally, at first request only the main thing - name and mail. Then immediately give access to the site, but with the proviso that if you do not respond to the sent confirmation letter within, say, 24 hours, then the registration will be suspended. Then - continue collecting information, Encourage the client to tell more about themselves. As - we already wrote earlier and, no doubt, we will write more, because the topic is big.

    Work with the current database

    This does not end the work with the database. Check your leads weekly - and yes, do it manually. As a rule, the weekly influx of leads is rather modest. Therefore, take the time to sort your database - you can avoid many mistakes and frankly stupid situations if you do this before starting the newsletter. In large companies, a database analyst does this, in a small company you can do it yourself in an hour or a few hours, depending on how large your database is.

    1. Highlight and tag those who have not indicated a name.
    Mark with a special tag (= highlight in a separate segment) those who did not specify a name so that they would not receive the letter "Hello, ping1677" - "do not personalize" - a good tag for such letters.

    2. Clean the base from those whose mailboxes are not working.
    Remove the non-working mailboxes, those from which there was a failure percentage - the mailbox is either abandoned or full, but in any case, you do not need to send more letters to it, because The percentage of failure affects your reputation for the worse.

    3. Find information gaps.
    Select a segment in which you do not have enough information about the client and think about what mailing list they should do to encourage them to reveal more information about themselves

    . 4. Place tags in your database in Unisender - those tags that will be relevant for you - thus completing the segmentation of the base for today.

    5. When completing this work, take a closer look - you may find some inconsistency or inconsistency in your specific database. Think about how to fix this.

    Proven base shoots accurately

    Now, after pressing the send button, we can expect a reduction in unpleasant situations. Yes, you processed the base with your own hands and eyes. However, the newsletter will still go automatically. It would take you more time to send a personalized letter to everyone than a little preliminary work with the table.

    Such work needs to be done regularly, as regularly as you analyze the breakdown from each newsletter (and you do it, right?). If you spend time on this once a week, you can avoid the situation when you have to manually sort through a large array of data. Keeping your base clean is as important as for a musician, for example, taking care of your instrument, and for a hunting enthusiast, regularly disassembling and lubricating your gun. This is necessary then, so that with each new salvo of the newsletter you would have the maximum number of chances to hit the target.

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