In the USA, it was nevertheless allowed to distribute 3D models and digital drawings for DIY weapons

    One of the first photos of the pistol Liberator, which even hit the pages of Forbes magazine.

    About the pistol Liberator on Habré heard, probably, everything. This is a homemade gun, almost all the details of which were made on a 3D printer. It was first created five years ago; it was then that 3D printers became truly massive. And their enterprising owners realized that they could print not only models for Star Wars, but also something more interesting.

    Over time, the network began to diverge 3D-models for the manufacture of such weapons. But it all stopped quickly. Weapon, yes even for free without SMSand without a license? This power of any state can not allow. The result - 3D models of Liberator parts (and a bit later - other varieties of DIY-weapons) were banned from being distributed even in digital form. In the US, the observance of the ban began to follow especially zealously, and the development of homemade weapons, which can be printed on a 3D printer, had to be suspended. For a long time - for several years . But now, it seems, the situation has resolved in favor of arms lovers.

    The US Department of Defense and the State Department decided that 3D models of weapons, more precisely, their distribution is no longer prohibited. This issue was considered at the court hearing. The court ruled that the ban violated the rights of the creator of weapons to express themselves. Moreover, it was decided that some types of weapons are not “essentially military”, and therefore pose a lesser threat to the population.

    Cody Wilson, who defended his right to work with DIY weapons in court, posted this winning message on his page.

    And he really has something to rejoice, because in 2015, Wilson refused to sell the Mark One 3D printer. Moreover, it was a prepaid order, which is simply not shipped. The problem turned out to be Wilson's hobby - the creation of weapons.

    Self-made weapons that can be printed on a 3D printer can be easily developed by sending files over the network or by transferring them in some other way. True, there is a limitation - the caliber of the weapon should not be higher than a .50. Otherwise, one must assume that such a pistol or another type of weapon already poses a significant threat to society.

    In the five years that have passed since the creation of the Liberator, modern gunsmiths have reached significant heights, learning to print out pistols and silencers, machine guns and rifles. All this, except for pistols, is still banned. So print the AR-15 does not work. At least for now.

    There is one more news: Senvol, the largest storage service for 3D models of various objects and materials, has joined the National Armaments Consortium (NAC). And this could mean the rapid technologization of weapons in the United States. Americans have many types of weapons and so high-tech. Now they will become even more advanced.

    As for Cody Wilson, he believes that “pistols can now be pumped in the same way as music. Soon there will be streaming services for semi-automatics. ” Of course, this is a slight exaggeration, but the fact remains. In 2002, you could download almost any mp3 file from the Napster service. Now you can download a gun model on your PC.

    The supporters of “free weapons” have a lot of opponents. In their opinion, such a massive proliferation of weapons among the population, which will occur in the near future, is very dangerous for society. It is clear that they immediately recall various kinds of "shooters" who killed defenseless people on the streets, schools and cinemas. Opponents of weapons also speak of criminals who can now print weapons as much as they like, and it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to trace them.

    Modern workplace "digital gunsmith"

    Nevertheless, the criminals, if desired, and so found themselves pistols or even rifles. So no restrictions are critical for them. But for ordinary people who want to get a weapon for self-defense, the ability to print it on a printer is unique.

    Cody Wilson is an active libertarian. He believes that government restrictions in the digital age have lost all meaning. In addition to the development of weapons, he participated in the creation of Dark Wallet - a system for working with cryptocurrency, aimed at the anonymity of users.

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