"Hola, apple gadgets!"

    imageLet's take a quick look at Mexico, where Oxford of South America, Ediciones Larousse Mexico, lives and creates. These wonderful people with the instinct of pioneers presented the Latin American world with reference books, dictionaries and cookbooks - all in Spanish. Recently, they went even further and conjured four dictionary applications based on our ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS engine, so now owners of apple devices from the shores of two Americas can batir tambores and bailar la rumba. And we will tell you what kind of software it is and what it can do.

    Dossier: Spanish, aka Castilian, aka Ibero-Romanesque ...

    According to the Encarta Encyclopedia for 2009, about five hundred million people speak Spanish, including those for whom he is not native. In the standings of the languages ​​of the world, Spanish, depending on the calculation method, takes the second or fourth place; for nineteen countries of the American continent and one small piece of Europe, he is an absolute favorite.

    Four Hearts

    Each application of Larussa (emphasis on the second syllable) is such an independent, Spanish-Spanish diccionario with its own set of functions and a dictionary "stuffing".

    For example, in the Basic Dictionary of the Spanish Language, publishers have compiled detailed interpretations of words, phrases, and idioms popular in Spanish-speaking countries, taking into account national characteristics and language jokes.


    The application “Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms” included local words and phrases specific to South America, and the rest of the palabras were marked with “regional” marks so that everyone knew “quién es quién”.

    In the “Dictionary of Verb Conjugation”, the guys from “Larussa” added almost 5000 of the most common verbos, and given that almost all such verbos are inherently wrong ... In general, burning verbs in all faces, numbers and tenses will be easy for someone and nice :)


    The last application from the list - "Dictionary of biographies of famous people of the world" - in fact, a pocket encyclopedia. Inside, everything is as it should: biography, labor exploits and retrato. Here, for example, is the card of the literary “papa” of one glorious don :)


    Feature - aka wish list

    I repeat, the moped engine was ours, but the functionality of each Laruss application was determined by ourselves.

    Total: the Spanish-Spanish four together supports copying words from texts to the clipboard and searching for words by grammatical forms, offers a list of similar options for spelling out a word. And the basic dictionary and the dictionary of synonyms-antonyms can translate. Take a word - get a translation.


    The software works on iPod touch 4G, iPad and iPhone, so “Hola, apple gadgets!” The

    applications mentioned in the post are available only to residents of the Americas, but the “Basic Spanish Dictionary” and “Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms” "Can be purchased separately from ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS .

    Lena Agafonova akaHeadMatters ,

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