Sim-Sim, open up!

    When, once again, I signed up for some sort of a draw, I did not even particularly read what they were offering me. In a regular envelope they sent a card with a futuristic look. In my mind, it was a case, and there should have been a microcircuit in it. Without exaggeration, I’ll say that I tried to open it carefully for 20 minutes. Moved, pressed ... Even on YouTube I was looking for a video. Useless. The result was a close look and easy bending. The secret was revealed.

    It turned out to be a USB flash drive with information and programs recorded on it on the new series of 32-bit ARM Precision32 microcontrollers from SILICON LABS. A flash drive is completely ordinary, not locked, with a capacity of 2 GB. Undoubtedly, this is the most stylish flash drive for a microcontroller programmer.

    Finally, the developer from an asexual engineer turned into a single lady with a dowry, which was desirable for everyone. I don’t know what will happen next, but I certainly like the floral-candy period of some vendors.

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