Other papercraft

    There are two myths about paper mockups. According to the first, it is not a serious occupation. But, here, as in any kind of art, children's scribbles and true masterpieces are possible. This is the most logical way to get three-dimensional layouts at minimum cost, having only two-dimensional printing tools, and even doing without them, to help flat pictures to overcome the shackles of two dimensions and break into the third. The second myth says that everything is one-sided: transport and architecture. But this is indeed largely the case. But there is another papercraft, less well-known and more spiritual ...

    You may be aware of miniature replicas of Australian Dan MacFarlin's analog synthesizers that are known for their stunning detail . They have no direct real prototypes, these are compilations according to the principle “if Nikanor Ivanovich’s lips and Ivan Kuzmich’s nose are to be attached”. But the style passed perfectly.

    The magazine “UT for Skilful Hands”, which later became “Lefty”, published scans of models of various spacecraft. The result of the assembly may be, for example, as follows:

    Of course, this direction has not been forgotten. So, this layout depicts the ISS as of 2011.

    IBN 5100 - there is no typo. From its real clumsy but beautiful prototype with a similar name the computer from the game “Gates; Stein ”is also different and slightly reworked layout: the screen is moved closer to the center, there are no side vents, etc. Well, you can make a model of this kind of allusion to“ Abibas ”.

    The desktop terminal from Fallout is pleasant even to those who are indifferent both to the genre and to such a design, I just want to get it out of the virtual space to the extent that Hottabych copied the phone in the old film. Well, maybe so.

    You can leave it this way, or you can supplement it with a “kinescope” and a “chassis” with real lamps ...

    ... and then with a “deflecting system”.

    And one more model with which I will complete this selection is the Tesla 427A Poezia radio receiver.

    Those who in the past century paid attention to the labeling of electrolytic capacitors will not have to explain that Musk has nothing to do with it. Before his birth was 9 years old.

    Also popular now: