Dropbox investigates possible hack

    Earlier this week, it was reported that many Dropbox users received spam messages in their mailboxes associated with their Dropbox account. Spam was received by those users whose mail was “lit up” on other services, and those who created a new mailbox exclusively for working with Dropbox. A few days ago, the company announced its intention to get more information about this incident, and even hired a team of independent experts to conduct an investigation.

    Despite the fact that spam was sent to a large number of users in Europe, letters arrived in the user's native language. this fact indicates a well-coordinated and thoughtful attack. Spam messages contained links to a wide variety of domains, but most of them were created recently. Russian DNS is used, domain registration was carried out in Bizcn .

    Almost all of these messages are united by a common theme - online casino advertising. A few days after the start of the investigation, the Dropbox administration stated that so far no evidence has been found of any hacking of its servers, and considers the attack unrelated to Dropbox.

    Nevertheless, the administration will continue to investigate, saying that it will do everything possible to clarify the situation. According to the management of the service, such investigations can take a long time, so it will take several more days to get a complete picture of what happened.

    There is no official report yet, it will be published as soon as the investigation is completed.

    Via zdnet

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