Traveling my email address through spammer databases

    This wonderful story began in December last year, when my wife asked me for advice on one interesting action on the coupon site. In order to see the history, it was required to specify an email address.

    Since I immediately suspected how this would end, I entered my old unused mailbox at Wrote and forgot. When I checked this box six months later, the result exceeded all my wildest expectations. In the tenacious clutches of the couponers, my abandoned box healed with its hectic life. Now, using this mailbox, you can track where and how my address was subsequently moved.

    Unfortunately, I deleted some of the letters, so it’s impossible to reliably find out the starting point - from which site it all started. It seems that it was - the first surviving letter came from them and is dated 11/27/2011: For

    two months, bonusmag regularly spammed me. Then they either renamed or burned out and sold the base, but in February Bigcoupon started spamming me instead of the bonus tag:

    on April 9, joined bigcoupon:

    April 18,

    on April 25, some kind of MyFant wrote to me:

    Next, my address is already just messed up.
    April 27 - a letter from Chevrolet (!):

    May 24 - a joint action of WeClever and Luxale:

    May 29 - some noname coupons with the simple title “Elena”:

    Finally, on July 6th, a double blow was dealt - I received the Quelle and Otto catalogs:

    Coupon reproduction is still ongoing. Today I wrote another person who wants to easily cut dough in a hot market:

    In addition to the coupon spam, there are a few ordinary spammers in the mail (literally two or three letters over the past couple of years).

    Apparently, all of these stillborn and newborn coupon projects are buying / digging bases from each other, as a result of which, in just six months, my mailbox has been distributed to the bases of 11 projects. As an experiment, I tried to unsubscribe from their mailing lists via links in letters - I managed to do this only on bigcoupon, all the others said that the address to which they had just sent spam was absent in their databases, or they generally led to 404:

    What is curious, absolutely all letters offer “women's” goods and services (spammers never found out that I was a man :)).

    Apparently, the life cycle of such a govnostarta is short-lived, after a while the spam stops. Only three are still continuing their partisan activities to increase spurious traffic on the Internet.

    Here's a story about the cycle of spam databases on the Internet. Without any morality, just for fun.

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