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    In the modern world, all developments of new devices and prototypes are carried out in various CAD systems . All design: both technical products, and design works occurs in electronic form. 3D models for everything in the world is already an established reality. That is why, to facilitate the creation of 3D models, 3D scanners appeared on the market.

    3D scanners are devices that very accurately create a three-dimensional copy of any physical object. And today we will tell you about the 5 best 3D scanners in our version, to which you should pay your attention.

    1. Einscan SE Desktop 3D Scanner

    This is a desktop 3D scanner developed by Shining 3D . The company specializes in the production of 3D scanners for a variety of tasks. Sales are made worldwide.

    To scan this scanner uses 2 cameras with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels .
    The basic configuration of the 3D scanner includes an automatic rotary table. What forms a single software and hardware complex.

    Accuracy of scanning objects up to 0.1 mm.

    The scanner can also work in the mode of texture capture (i.e. scan in color).

    There are 2 scan modes: automatic (with rotary table) and fixed (without rotary table).

    When operating in automatic mode using the turntable, the 3D scanner is able to scan objects up to 200x200x200 mm in size.

    Using the function of fixed scanning, you can scan large objects with sizes up to 700x700x700 mm, but without a rotating device.

    ScannerEinScan SE scans an object by projecting a sequence of white light rays onto an object, while cameras in turn pick up any irregularities on the surface of the scanned object and create a 3D model in the 3D scanner software online.

    The basic package includes:

    • Scan unit (camera and projector)
    • Turntable for scanning
    • Calibration field for initial scanner setup
    • Basis for placing scanner elements
    • Software in Russian

    Benefits :

    • Ease of use
    • Maximum automated

    Disadvantages :

    • Not high accuracy
    • The need to use NVIDIA graphics card .

    2. 3D RangeVision Spectrum Scanner

    This is a universal, semi-professional, 3D scanner, which is suitable for scanning objects from 5 cm to 3 meters.

    When scanning, the principle of Structured Illumination is used.

    The 3D scanner has three built-in scanning zones; thanks to this, the user can optimally adjust the scanning parameters for objects of different sizes. If necessary, several scanning zones can be combined: for example, if there is a small area with large details on a large object, requiring high details, it can be scanned by area No. 3, while the object itself can be scanned by area No. 1.

    The 3D RangeVision Spectrum scanner can operate in three scanning modes:

    1. C using labels (which can be applied both to the object of scanning and on the surface around it)
    2. Scanning using a rotator (table)
    3. Scan without a rotating device and without tags.

    The scanner comes with one set of lenses with manual adjustment for three scanning zones

    3D RangeVision Spectrum - allows you to receive 3D models of objects with an accuracy from 0.04 to 0.12 mm. It is also suitable for performing engineering tasks, where its accuracy is sufficient.

    Separately, I would like to note advanced (expert) software. This is a personal development company RangeVision . The software is included in the scope of delivery of the 3D scanner, and the manufacturer does not charge for renewing the license or for updating. It allows you to perform both post-processing of the model after scanning, and very finely adjust the scanner under the scanned object.

    The set includes a rotary table, which allows you to easily scan small items weighing up to 5kg in automatic mode. You can also scan objects up to 3 meters without a turntable.


    • High quality scan
    • Large scanning range from 5 cm to 3 m
    • Professional software
    • Free software updates


    • Mastering the software will take time. However, as of July 10, 2017, RangeVision has released a new version of the software, which has become noticeably simpler.

    3. Einscan Pro Plus Handheld 3D Scanner

    This is a handheld 3D scanner for scanning objects from 5 cm to 4 meters. Maximum scanning accuracy up to 0.05 mm ( 50 microns ). Scan speed: 550,000 points / second.

    The 3D scanner is suitable for scanning people as well as for scanning inanimate objects.
    The scanner has the following modes:

    1. Handheld HD Scan (high resolution manual scan mode). Scanning accuracy in this mode is 0.1 mm. Scanners require markers (supplied). Scanning in color is not possible. This mode is required for solving problems of scanning large objects with high accuracy in manual mode.
    2. Handheld Rapid Scan (fast manual scan mode). The optimal mode for scanning people. Scanning accuracy 0.3 mm. Scanning in color is possible (with a color scanning module). This mode is suitable for quick scanning of large objects.
    3. Automatic Scan . Scanning is performed using the turntable. Scanning accuracy up to 0.05 mm (50 microns). Suitable for scanning small objects in automatic mode.

    4. Fixed Scan (Fixed mode). Scanning takes place using a tripod and markers. Markers are randomly glued to the scanned object. Rotations of the object occur in manual mode or by means of carrying a tripod with a scanner around the object. Accuracy scan 0.05 mm (50 microns).

    The Shinig3D Einscan Pro Plus 3D scanner can additionally be equipped with the following modules: color scanning module, industrial package (tripod and rotator).
    After scanning, the operator receives files in the formats - OBJ , STL , ASC , PLY . These formats are suitable for all existing 3D printers, CNC machines or 3D editors. There will be no compatibility issues.

    The Einscan Pro Plus 3D scanner is highly mobile and has the easiest operation. During its creation, special attention was paid to the possibility of working with an unprepared person with the scanner. Therefore, all the processes at his maximum automated.

    Software comes with a scanner - for free.

    Benefits :

    • 4 modes of operation
    • Relatively high cost
    • Process automation
    • Ease of use

    Disadvantages :

    • To work requires a "gaming" computer with a video card NVIDIA
    • For scanning black, shiny, glittering objects, a coating with a matting spray is required.

    4. Handheld 3D scanner Artec Eva

    This 3D scanner is based on a structured backlight - an ideal choice if you need to create a 3D model of an object of average size in color, for example: a person, a car bumper.
    Artec Eva is a versatile portable 3D scanner, making it the market leader in professional handheld 3D scanners. The operation of the device is based on a secure structured backlight technology. This is an excellent universal solution for shooting any objects, including objects with black and shiny surfaces.

    This scanner does not need to be calibrated, because It is already calibrated from the factory.
    Scanning accuracy up to 0.1 mm. Accuracy of 3D point positioning is 0.5 mm.
    The scanner is equipped with a 1.3 MP camera .
    Supported color scan mode.

    Scan speed up to 2 million . points per second, so that, scanning occurs very quickly.

    Benefits :

    • High speed 3D scan
    • Ability to work in open space (on the street)
    • Scans black and shiny objects.

    Disadvantages :

    • For work requires a video card
    • Cost of solution

    5. Professional 3D scanner RangeVsion PRO 5M

    Professional scanner that allows for three-dimensional digitization of both large and small physical objects. For the 3D scanner, there are three scanning zones that allow you to digitize with the necessary detail and accuracy as jewelry, and body elements of the car.

    The user can perform 3D scanning using auxiliary markers, according to which the software can automatically “collect” to combine scans. In addition, thanks to the support of markers and the ability to import reference networks formed by photogrammetric systems manufactured by GOM and Aicon , scanning accuracy of up to 0.05 mm at sites over 2 m can be achieved .

    However, if you are dealing with museum exhibits or other objects that require special care, the RangeVision PRO5M 3D scanner will allow you to scan without markers and build a 3D model according to the geometry of the object itself.

    The 3D RangeVision PRO5M scanner working on structured illumination compares favorably with similar 3D laser scanners in scanning speed.

    This scanner is equipped with 5MP cameras and comes with a separate set of pre-configured lenses for each scan zone.

    In addition, the technology is supported by blue illumination that reduces the impact of ambient light.

    Scan time is only 15 seconds .

    Basic equipment:

    • Scanning module
    • 2 industrial cameras
    • A set of lenses for each scan zone
    • Tripod head
    • Calibration Plate Set
    • Matting spray
    • Software.

    Benefits :

    • High quality and scanning speed
    • Large scanning range from 5 cm to 5 m
    • Professional software
    • Auto scan with turntable and tags.
    • Free software updates


    • Mastering the software will take time
    • Not suitable for scanning people

    All 3D scanners presented in this article can be purchased in our company. Catalog of 3D scanners

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