Interface of the city: tactile tile on the sidewalks

    For a time he lived in Copenhagen, and looked around. Once I looked at my feet, and found that the tile was being laid according to a special system.

    Before trying to understand - why in the whole city so often they shift tiles on the sidewalks? It turned out everything is done for the blind.

    I want to show you how the city of Copenhagen makes the life of the blind easier with tiles.

    Guide tile

    Pay attention to the paths laid out with wide tiles.

    They are separated by a narrow strip of small tiles, which can be felt even in shoes with thick soles.

    Thus, the blind can walk straight along the path, and feel the deviation from the course by the sole.

    This does not save him from having to check the space in front of him (there is a parking meter on the left track), but he will know for sure that he is heading in the right direction.

    Another example.

    The tile is bent along with the pavement.

    And even turns.

    Warning tile

    Small tiles lined everything that relates to warnings.

    One row of such tiles serves as a track divider. Two and more rows trim the road from the sidewalk, it also says about the approach to the building.

    All trips are lined with small tiles.

    Bicycle parking marked.

    Even some trash cans!

    Informative tile

    The ribbed tile says that there is a turn ahead.

    Before the pedestrian crossing is put tiles with "points".

    Thus, a blind person will know when to turn and where to cross the road.

    Almost all of Copenhagen is laid out with such tiles. When I showed this to local friends, it turned out that they did not even notice it.

    Unfortunately, I did not have a friend who was blind, to take him around the city, and to know his opinion about it. But I am sure that it is easier for a blind person to move with such a tile. Thank!

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