Test №2 Broadcasting over the BitTorrent protocol, based on Torrent Stream software

    Yesterday we released the alpha version of Torrent Stream 1.0.6 (for Windows) and launched the first test broadcast in Full HD (1080p) format, with a bitrate of up to 9 Mb / s.


    It was clearly too much, so many users simply could not, because of the high requirements to participate in testing the new Live Stream function, or simply run into problems when you play

    Considering what a sensation on the Internet and in particular on Habré ( habrahabr.ru/post/138216 ) made a test launch of an on-air broadcast of Bram Cohen, through his new creation BTLivewhere a test with a bitrate of 512kbit / s was launched (almost 20 times lower than the broadcast included by us), we made conclusions and included a new test broadcast with a lower bitrate (up to 3 Mbit / s) so that the maximum number of people could Take part in the test and test the technology normally.

    We could not stand it and again turned on the broadcast with a higher bitrate (up to 7 Mb / s) !!!

    In general, let's try to spin 720p, and if there are few active testers who pull this speed, then we will return again to broadcast from 3 Mbit / s

    Software installation:

    1. Uninstall the previously installed version of the Torrent Stream software (for those who already have the Torrent Stream software installed). Instructions for reinstalling the plug-in

    2. Download and install the test version of the Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full software (currently only for Windows)
    Direct link to Download "

    Test # 2 720p , with a bitrate up to 7 Mbps; (video: h264 / AVC; audio: AAC)

    Attention! To participate in test # 2, you must meet the minimum requirements:

    - The speed of the Internet connection should be at least 7 Mbit / c (Please, on the lower channels do not even try to start playing this test, in order not to spoil the impression of the technology and not mislead us by saying that something is buggy and .p)
    - The power of your processor should allow you to play video at the specified resolution with the appropriate bit rate, using no more than 60% of the resources. You can also try to turn on TS Player settings (desktop player included in Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full installation package), the option “use video accelerator” to remove the load from the CPU (this option does not work with all GPUs, but you should try )

    1. Playing in the web player. Go to the test pagetorrentstream.org/stream/test.php and start playing

    2. Playing in the desktop player .

    Option №1 Download the test file (analog / modification of the torrent file) and start playing it in TS Player (desktop player included in the Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full installation software package) Download file: test.tslive

    Option №2 Copy the content identifier ( Content ID) and use it as a source by entering it in the appropriate field of the player (Media - Open Torrent Stream Player). Content ID: 605a6130dcbd3ab6a892e199c2035c30e1f56039

    For information: The test page shows the number of peers connected to the broadcast (
    Total peers); the number of compounds / peers (Helping); download speed stream (Down); flow rate (Up)

    PS . If you have delays / departures for buffering during playback, look at the download speed of the stream, and if the picture slows down (frame / slideshow) look at the load of the

    P.PS processor New test version of the software, as well as everything you need for tests our forum, in the subject We are testing the Torrent Stream 1.0.6 software (for Windows) (Ru)

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