QML and QtQuick Webinars: QML and C ++ Integration

    In some cases, writing functional QML applications cannot do without C ++ knowledge, and, in addition to being able to program on it, you need to learn how to integrate C ++ code with the QML language. This is what the entire webinar will be dedicated to.

    After watching this webinar, you will learn how Qt's declarative environment works and how it relates to the QML language, and you will also understand what a QML program is like in terms of C ++. In the first webinars on QML and Qt Quick development, we already partially addressed this issue, but now we will analyze it in more detail, returning to the elementary program “Hello, World!” And considering it from the point of view of C ++.

    Also in the webinar we will consider the possibilities and the procedure for creating a new element, learn how to export properties from C ++ to QML, and analyze how to create custom signals and slots.

    If you skipped the previous parts of the QML and Qt Quick development webinar series, you can find them at the links below:
    Happy viewing!

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