Dropbox for iOS received autoload photo and video in the cloud and a bonus of up to 3 GB

    The new version of Dropbox for iOS (1.5) boasts a number of new useful features in everyday life. In particular, the ability to automatically upload photos and videos to the cloud in the presence of a Wi-Fi or 3G network has been added.


    The service almost repeats the function of the Photo Stream, and also duplicates the functionality of the program, presented on the Android operating system about a month ago. It will be very useful for transferring photos from your phone to almost any device with Internet access. In addition to images, the service works with videos shot by your camera, which makes it even more attractive.

    At the same time, at the first startup, Dropbox provides 500 MB of additional disk space, which can be increased up to 3 GB, a 500 MB bonus for subsequent downloads. Pictures and videos uploaded to the cloud can be conveniently viewed in gallery mode.

    Also, the updated client provides the ability to batch delete and move files on the service and removes the limit on the amount of files downloaded from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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