Where and how do e-mail go? Google Interactive Explanation

    Google does not only create interesting services and products, but also tries to explain how its services work. The other day, an interactive guide was created showing the path of a regular electronic message from the sender to the addressee. At the same time, it explains in passing where the additional energy comes from for the needs of the company's data centers, how the user's box is protected from viruses and spam, plus a few more interesting points.

    Of course, Google shows that its data centers use “green” energy whenever possible, telling where this energy comes from. In addition to the animation itself, the resource also contains information about the corporation's investments in green energy, as well as photographs and a description of the company's data centers. True, there is not much information, but all the same, it’s all told quite interestingly.

    So, if there is a couple of extra minutes, I advise you to look at the website with an interactive history ( here ), plus a page with photos of the company's data centers ( here ). Simple and tasteful. It looks better in Chrome, but it seems to work like in other browsers.

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