Rusonix begins sales of the Jelastic platform

    We are pleased to announce that from May 16, 2012, Russian developers can experience the commercial version of the Jelastic cloud platform . This service is provided by Rusonix hosting provider .
    Over the 8 months of its existence on the market, PaaS Jelastic has attracted more than 16,000 users, 12% of which are Russian developers.
    Let's take a closer look at our payment model. Using Jelastic services, the user pays only for the consumed resources, i.e. memory, processor power and storage. Jelastic is the first platform whose services are paid upon the use of resources. As you know, an application does not always use the same amount of resources. Thanks to the function of automatic vertical scaling, the size of the container for the application changes. Accordingly, the user does not need to overpay for reserved resources that are not used, as is the case with other PaaS.
    In Jelastic, memory and processor power are measured in cloudlets (1 cloudlet is the approximate equivalent of 128 MB RAM and 200 MHz CPU). The fee is charged hourly, relative to the maximum amount of consumed cloudlet for the current hour. The price of one cloudlet for Rusonix users is 70 kopecks per hour. One storage is the equivalent of the capacity of the consumed hard drive space up to 1GB. Its cost for users of Rusonix is ​​49 rubles. per month.

    Let's look at a small example that will help you understand how to correctly calculate the approximate cost of a service per month: suppose you created an environment with two Tomcat application servers, a nginx balancer and a MySQL database. In the Resources columnindicates the amount of cloudlet and storage consumed by the entire environment or its components separately.


    The first number in the Resources column indicates the amount of storage. In our case, each container consumes 1 storage. This means that the whole environment uses 5 storage.
    The second in the Resources column indicates the number of cloudlets. In this case, the first digit (4) is the number of cloudlets used, and the second (56) is the maximum possible amount. Jelastic makes it possible to set a scalability limit so as not to get a score higher than expected.

    To calculate the price for consumed cloudlets for the current hour, you need to multiply the number of cloudlets used by the price for one. Thus, if the price for 1 cloudlet, for example, 70 kopecks per hour, then we get:
    4 cloudlet X 0.7 rubles. = 2.8 rub.

    If you want to calculate the price per month, then multiply the number of used cloudlets per hour by the price for one, as well as by 24 hours and 30 days. If your environment consumes 5 cloudlets every hour, then the monthly fee will be:
    (4 cloudlets X 0.7 rubles) X 24h X 30d = 2016 rubles.

    In relation to storage, everything is simple:
    4 storage X 49 rubles. = 196 rub.
    Total cost of services per month for the environment with this topology will be from 2212 rubles. up to the limit set by the user.
    If you use the application for development or testing, for example, you can turn it off for the night or the weekend, this will significantly reduce the monthly fee.

    imageJelastic users who used the platform in beta will not have to change anything and they will be able to continue working with their applications and data. However, when switching to the paid version of Jelastic, all beta restrictions on resources will be removed. Another plus: paid users will have access to features such as high availability and fixed Public IP addresses. Access to the professional Rusonix support service will also be provided. In addition, all already registered and new users will be given a bonus of 1,000 rubles, which will allow you to continue or start using the platform before making a final decision on the transition to the paid version. All beta users who switch to paid terms before May 21 will receive a discount of 50% of the amount topped up.

    Detailed information on how to upgrade to a paid version of Jelastic account can be found here . Get a bonus and try the Jelastic service right now!

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