What to read in July: 19 book novelties for digital specialists

    A selection of new books from leading publishers of Russia from the editors of Netology. Covers are clickable.

    Programming, data science and math

    "Regular Expressions" by Jeffrey Friedl

    The best-selling book about the basics of regular expressions, the functionality of programming languages ​​and optimize work with information. You will discover the world of regex, learn to work effectively with data in Java, JavaScript, C, C ++, C #, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP and other programming languages. The book has many examples for the quick solution of various problems in programming. For those who are engaged in text processing and beginner experts regex.

    “Algorithms and data structures. Extracting Java Information, by Allen B. Downey

    The book is about how to implement efficient algorithms based on the most important data structures in the Java language. Each section has exercises for capturing material on working with data structures, creating applications for reading Wikipedia pages, analyzing code and forecasting, and creating a web search engine. For developers who want to learn the Java language.

    The Fan Programmer, Chad Fowler

    In this book, a lot of practical tips and recommendations that will help the developer to answer questions about the lack of motivation, choice of priorities, programming psychology, relationships with management and colleagues. For developers of all levels and directions.

    “Python for complex tasks: data science and machine learning”, J. Vander Plas

    This is a comprehensive guide to computational and statistical data processing, research and advanced development of Phyton. For all programmers who want to master or are already working on Phyton in the field of Data Science.
    Training program: " Data Scientist "

    "Guide for those in love with mathematics", Edward Scheinerman

    The author writes about fascinating things about mathematics: how to understand how much you can trust even the most high-precision medical test or how to check whether the tax reports are not fabricated just by analyzing the first digits of the money amount? Answers to all these and many other questions you will learn from this book. And also you can try your hand at solving math puzzles and understand the basics of mathematical thinking. For anyone who loves interesting problems and wants to fall in love with math.

    Statistics in Comics, Eileen Magnello

    You will get useful knowledge from the basics of statistics, learn about sampling and probability, about the difference in demographic and mathematical statistics, all in a fun comic format. For anyone interested in statistics.

    Marketing, PR and Content

    “The fifth discipline. The art and practice of a learning organization, Peter Senge

    Reissue of the bestseller on the systems approach in business.
    The book by Peter Senge about the "learning organization", whose leader knows five important components of success: the constant self-improvement of each employee, intellectual models, a common vision, team learning and systems thinking. It is filled with examples, ideas and recommendations for management. It will be interesting to managers and those who plan to become them.
    Training program: " Analytics for managers "

    Thousands of Heroes, Joseph Campbell (reprint)

    Reissue of the legendary book about the journey of the hero and the motives of the adventure that inspired George Lucas with his ideas on the creation of Star Wars. It was sold millions of copies worldwide and has not ceased to be relevant today. It will be interesting to writers, screenwriters, storytelling specialists and anyone who creates stories.

    "Million Dollar Blog", Natasha Kourtney-Smith

    The author of the book changed her job in traditional media to a blogger’s career and shared with readers strategy and tactics that helped her create a successful blog. The book contains tips on what content is best to fill the blog, how to create a personal brand and become popular in social networks. All this is complemented by interviews with successful bloggers from around the world. The book will be interesting to those who want to become a blogger or is already developing in this area.

    “Memo. Secrets of creating a structure and characters in the script, "Christopher Vogler, David McKenn

    Christopher Vogler and David McKenna conducted a professional study of more than 40,000 scenarios of various genres. The authors share with the reader a variety of methods for analyzing and working on the narrative structure and characters. The book is for beginners and actively writing authors.

    TED Performance, Julian Treasure

    The author of the book, Julian Trezher, is a world-famous expert in the field of TED-communications. His speeches at TED conferences scored more than 50 million views, which is ahead of Steve Jobs and Ilona Mask.

    In the book, he reveals his secrets speeches. Anyone who wants to convincingly and confidently speak in public.

    "How to find out everything you need by asking the right questions", Frank Sesno

    The book is about how to get the necessary information with the help of the right questions - the skills that journalists, politicians and law enforcement officers possess. Frank Sesno identified several types of issues: scientific, entertainment, confrontational. In each chapter there are comments from experts from different fields - all these people also ask questions that help them to do their work and change the world. For anyone who wants to communicate effectively with people.

    Design and art

    "Interface. Basics of interaction design. 4th ed., Alan Cooper

    The fourth edition of the book Alan Cooper wrote taking into account all the changes in the IT industry that have occurred over the past seven years. The author also retained all the ideas from previous editions, which remain relevant now. The book has a lot of information about the design of behavior, which is based on studying the goals of users, their expectations, worldview and inclinations. It will be interesting to all who are engaged in the study of user behavior and interface design.

    "Design in the space of culture", Maxim Lavrentiev

    About different styles in architecture and interior, about the meaning and functionality of different subjects, about the interrelation of history, culture and design. You will learn about different design styles and learn to distinguish between them. The author cites many examples of interior design and tells the stories of objects. For interior designers and anyone who loves beautiful things and wants to understand the art.  
    Training program: " Game design from scratch "

    "SuperBetter", Jane McGonigal

    Game Designer Jane McGonigal's book about the game "Super Better." This game has helped tens of thousands of people cope with anxiety, depression and problems. You will also learn how gaming thinking can help you under stress and personal problems. For everyone who is interested in games and is interested in new ways of thinking and solving problems.

    "Speaking and showing art", Dana Arnold

    The book is about how art was perceived at different times. After reading you will be able to see and hear artists through time and space, you will learn what makes art art in the perception of the viewer. The author briefly examines ways of thinking about the relationship between artists and their work. For all who want to understand art and understand it.


    “Marvel vs DC. The great opposition of the two universes, Tucker Reed

    The book is about the confrontation of two giants of the comic and film industry - Marvel and DC.
    You will learn the history of the creation of corporations and their greatest heroes, behind the scenes of the universe, about many years of rivalry, ups and downs of competitors, quarrels and information wars. For all who are important to understand the mass culture.

    “Education in the USA. My way ", Bek Temir

    In the book - tips on choosing educational institutions in the United States, introductory competitions in universities, on tuition fees and other fine points of education in America. For future students and anyone interested in studying abroad.

    “Digital Society of the Mid-21st Century”, Rostislav Murzagulov

    In the book, the author invites readers to study his research forecast, talks about scientific and technical progress and that in the next 50 years, humanity will enter a new stage in the development of civilization - a digital society. For anyone interested in predicting the future and new technologies.

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