Welcome to the summer DIYorDIE Meetup July 7


    We invite you on July 7 to the eighth open DIY-Meetup, it will be held in the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. Summer is a time of change, so the program will not only include reports from our voting list. Program and registration link - under the cut.

    The Mail.Ru Group DIY community is a developer who makes cool and unexpected things in his spare time. For example, smart home and smart watches ; "Embrace" ; thermal imager on FLIR Lepton ; electric bike and much more. Periodically, we are going to share our developments and share experiences with the same enthusiasts.

    Meeting program

    “Self-balancing robot EduMip on BeagleBone Blue to study ROS”
    Alexey Burkov

    Review of an inexpensive platform to study the operating system of robots. Demonstration of robot control in ROS. The discussion about the fact that in Russia it is time to seriously study ROS, to train its specialists. Foreign achievements in robotics.

    "Creating a bot on a recurrent neural network to participate in the AI ​​mini cup"
    Alexander Gusev

    Terms of the contest for the game Agairo from Mail.Ru. How other participants approached the problem. Why choose a neural network and a genetic algorithm. The project code, why not use third-party libraries. Demonstration of the bot.

    “Android Things. The threshold of entry and prospects for DIY "
    Arthur Safin

    I'll tell you about the new Google platform, share the entry experience, the features of Android Things OS, the experience of creating a cookie appearance detector in the kitchen. I will describe non-obvious problems and share my opinion on whether it is advisable to use Android Things for non-commercial purposes. I will show Android Things Starter Kit and let everyone play.

    "The second life of Android devices, features and Arduino"
    Maxim Efimov

    A tablet will be presented on 10 Alviner or Rockchip, converted into a home theater a la smart TV, with the possibility of a native launch of Debian. Arduino will be friends with all this and a lot of interesting things :)

    “High-tech for the daughter: electric track”
    Alexey Andrianov

    Spatial carbon fiber tube frame, independent rear suspension, multifunctional steering wheel, customizable ergonomics - and all this on an electric tricycle for a 3-year-old child. How to get carried away, beautifully spend money and not go crazy with the difficulties in the construction and configuration.

    "Antique military equipment in a modern version"
    Timur Tugushev

    How it all began: how the ballista works; formula with a cubic root; The first model is a knife and file. Historical excursus: types of throwing machines; modern renovation. Technologies: laser cutting problems: plywood thickness, cut thickness, contours, small details; designing in sketchup - translation difficulties. Big models: onager; perrier; plans - eynarm.

    * * *

    The program of reports is scheduled to 16.00. After that, there will be an “open microphone” - everyone can come out and say something, ask a question, ask for advice.

    To participate you must register . Do not forget your passport or driver's license.

    Join our DIY Telegram channel .
    Watch videos of previous mitaps on the community's Youtube channel .

    Collection of participants and registration : 10.30
    Start of reports : 11.00
    Address : Moscow, m. Airport, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p.79.

    For those who can not come, will be organized video broadcast .

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