New Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, MSDN, Windows 8 Code Sample Navigator and more

    I already talked on habr about the free centralized code library: Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework .

    Let me briefly remind you what it is: the goal of the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework project is to provide code examples for typical tasks for all Microsoft development technologies. At the same time, the project team does not invent these examples from the air. In order to determine what examples are needed, developer forums, social media and contacting Microsoft support are reviewed. Based on all these queries, for the most common, code samples are published in the library.

    Such a library is practically useless without the ability to conveniently navigate and search through code examples. And the developers of the library immediately provided this opportunity in the form of a separate application and additions to Visual Studio . The application and add-on provided a convenient way to work with examples from the All-In-One Code Framework, but on Microsoft sites there are many other code examples that are not included in the All-In-One Code Framework, and which would be convenient to access from within one program. I think that I was not the only one who came up with such an idea.

    A couple of weeks ago, a new version of the code examples navigator was released , which will allow access to more than 3,500 examples, including examples from the MSDN Code Gallery and official Windows 8 examples.

    Application Start Page Example


    Ability to set examples and search results to favorites

    Examples to favorites

    Search Favorites

    Social Media Integration

    Flexible loading and example management

    Programs and additions:
    Install the example
    navigator Install the example navigator as a Visual Studio extension
    Code examples:
    Download all code examples
    Navigating the examples catalog
    Knowledge base articles (KB) by examples
    Download coding guides in C ++, C #, VB.NET
    Request sample code
    Project blog
    Fill out the survey - September survey results
    Write to the project team (

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