Official Dart manual and updated Dart Editor

    The team of Google engineers responsible for developing the "replacement JavaScript" for the Dart programming language recently introduced its first official review , having published its full specification about a month ago . The review is intended, first of all, for quick acquaintance with the language or for getting quick help on it. It covers such basic topics for any manual as “Hello, world”, variables, data types, functions, execution control, exceptions, OOP, libraries and namespaces.

    So, for example, iterates through the list:
    var gifts = {
      "first" : "partridge",
      "second": "turtledoves",
      "fifth" : "golden rings"};
    gifts.forEach((k,v) => print('$k : $v'));

    The Dart team also updated the Eclipse-based Dart Editor. The list of improvements can hardly be called fundamental - they relate mainly to reliability and stability. Rather, the presence of an editor eliminates one of the significant problems for switching to a new developer language - the presence of an IDE. Now Dart Editor and Dart SDK can be downloaded for Windows, Linux and MacOS; there is also a quick start tutorial on how to quickly create an application.

    [ Dart Review , Specification , Download Dart Editor ]

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