All the best on Herz'snim

    As we promised in the previous post, “Well, Herz’s'nim !!!” , an excursion to the data center was organized for the most active Khabrovites. Demark , @vissi and piroman visited Vladimir forests . They soon promised to share their impressions, but for now a small photo report :)

    INOVENTICA General Director, Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Slizen talks about how the idea of ​​creating a data center on the territory of the hotel complex came about, as well as about the benefits achieved by operating such a dual-use facility.

    Here it is a “wooden” data center as journalists called it, in fact it is only sheathed with wood from the outside, and made of sandwich panels.

    Nearby are 3 transformer substations and a 450 kW diesel generator

    After passing the access control system, putting on the shoe covers, we get inside
    . Still, HI-TECH art (

    pressurized areas in all its glory) Ekaterina Khrobostova ( @KKhrobostova ) impresses , INOVENTICA spokeswoman demonstrates the “dual purpose” of the rack :)

    And here are the working servers, which our customers are already using.

    The whole "excursion" :) group assembled (from left to right, INOVENTICA spokeswoman Ekaterina, Piroman, Vissi and Demark)

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