Left brain needed

    About where to attach the left hemisphere of your ITmozg.

    The “Left Brain Right Brain, Einstein” print ad is owned by Shalmor Avnon Amichay / y & r Interactive Tel Aviv.

    How fun to spend working hours while making good money?
    This week there were many interesting offers from the best IT companies in Russia. We selected some noteworthy ones.
    Sonetica in St. Petersburg
    Sonetica is engaged in high-load runet projects, programmers will need to work only with complex and interesting tasks, and the results of their work can be quickly seen in business. The employer promises that he will not have to understand the noodle code, and the experience in the company will be much more useful than the “water” that is “poured” at all well-known conferences.

    The company promises:
    • there are no managers or bosses who "do not understand the web"
    • they are happy to introduce ideas for the development of the developers themselves (they also give prizes for this)
    • work on interesting and relevant runet projects (in tops for daily attendance)
    • coffee, sweets, games (kicker, PS3, etc.), office meals, VHI, sports.
    • work outside dull business centers;
    • By the way, the company pays for the flight to St. Petersburg.

    At Microsoft, we will be very happy to see the Evangelist. Vladimir Gabriel talks
    about what this profession is and what exactly evangelists at Microsoft do in an interview with Forbes .

    If you can’t remember what February is, we recommend thinking about moving to a warm country in Vietnam, since Nigma is ready to provide Java and C ++ programmers with the opportunity to travel.
    Flights are paid, as well as accommodation for programmers and their families. For the proposed salary of 120 thousand rubles in Vietnam you can buy:

    5217 coconuts
    1000 mangoes
    200 lobsters

    Future colleagues (learn Vietnamese :)

    In Mail.ru Group, you need left brains Ruby or Python programmers.
    The developer and the one who recommends it will receive modest prizes: each of them will get a MacBook Pro 13 "or MacBook Air in the maximum configuration to choose from.

    Key words that affect karma:
    • MySQL / PostgreSQL
    • EventMachine
    • ActiveRecord
    • Fibers
    • Rack
    • ZMQ
    • Posix
    • Machine Learning
    • Clojure
    • Lucene
    • Git

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