Runetology (138): Editor-in-Chief Maxim Kazak

    Maxim Kazak about the history of the creation of CNews, about the market for specialized media from the point of view of business and from the point of view of journalism, about the prospects of the Russian IT industry, about the Cnews Forum, how is arranged from the inside, and much more.

    Guest Interview:
    • Does Russia have high-quality IT journalism?
    • Do audiences of and RBC intersect?
    • How many years has arrived?
    • What should novice IT journalists write about?
    • What did IT publications look like in the early 2000s?
    • How was editorial policy formed at
    • “Those publications that write only about mobile phones have a limited circle of advertisers and partners, so they are very dependent. There are hundreds of CNews advertisers thanks to our extensive thematic reach. We have a very diversified business both by advertiser and by type of business, so we can afford to abandon advertising budgets in case we run into blackmail from advertisers. ”
    • How strong is the corruption component in public procurement?
    • How is arranged inside?
    • Why do we need the Cnews Forum?
    • What is the situation with informatization in the Russian army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs?
    • How much more is the IT market in the US domestic?
    • Why didn’t the paid subscription model work in Russia?
    • Who is competing with
    • Will competitors from the West come to the domestic IT journalism market?
    • Is there a shortage in the journalism market?
    • “For 10 years we have been watching how the industry is developing. Obviously, as of today, there are both successes and failures. One of the main failures is the shortening of the hardware business in Russia. If 10 years ago Russian assemblers of computer equipment dominated the market, today there is no trace of their dominance. In fact, international vendors managed to completely push Russian computer builders out of the market, primarily due to the fact that desktops were replaced by laptops. Russian assemblers could not rebuild, could not produce laptops of the proper quality, with this technological transition, they lost the market. The same thing happens in the server market. Russians lost the iron ore business. ”
    • Does Russia have a strategy for the development of information technology?
    • What is the dynamics of the relationship between the state and IT?

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