Developer Connection - New InterSystems Developer Site

    Dear Caché, Ensemble, and DeepSee Developers!
    InterSystems announces the release of a new resource on InterSystems technologies - Developer Connection !
    The main concept of the resource is to collect on one site all kinds of technical documents about InterSystems technologies, as well as developers around the world, using InterSystems technologies one way or another.

    Developer Connection is primarily content.
    Content is grouped as follows:
    Start - a collection of articles for specialists who are just starting to get acquainted with InterSystems technologies. Here you will find all the necessary articles to get started with Caché, Ensemble, DeepSee and Zen.
    Download - download area. You can always download the single-user version of Caché here. As well as versions of Caché, Ensemble for beta testing.
    Holders of WRC accounts can download any version of Caché, Ensemble or HealthShare Foundation.
    Learn- all about training. In this section you will find the current schedule of full-time classes at the InterSystems educational center. It also provides links to e-books and video courses that teach basic aspects of Caché and Ensemble.
    Build - a section for developers whose work every day is connected with Caché, Ensemble or DeepSee. This section contains articles on the effective use of InterSystems technologies in various fields. Here you will find the live experience of developers, whether it be articles, source code, examples and recommendations for use.
    Deploy - This section covers articles about delivering solutions developed by Caché or Ensemble.
    Connect- the section combines the InterSystems developer community on the Internet, as well as vacancies for InterSystems technology specialists. The communities of developers JAVA, Multivalue and the free DBMS GlobalsDb will also find here a lot of useful things for themselves.

    The author!

    Who are the authors of the articles? Currently, all articles are written by InterSystems staff engineers. But if you have something to share with the community, and you think that your knowledge needs to be shared, write to .
    To not miss the release of new articles, subscribe to RSS .
    I am sure that this resource will be a great help and a source of new ideas and technological techniques for each InterSystems technology developer.

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