IT Louvre

    The world famous Grand Royal Palace, located in Paris and familiar to everyone, from small to large, as the most visited museum in the world, the Louvre Museum, will now become more intelligent.

    IBM signed an agreement with the Paris government to introduce the IBM Maximo Asset Management system in all museum systems - from security, air conditioning, and to systems and methods of restoration and repair, because the number of exhibits in the Louvre annually reaches 65,000.

    Thanks to the introduction of an intelligent asset management system, the Louvre will very soon turn into a real intellectual building that will “talk” to its staff about their problems in real time. Using IBM software, it will be easier to control the history of the movement and maintenance of all museum assets, monitor and plan maintenance work, and keep records of them electronically, rather than on paper, as is done now. Tasks that need to be completed will be automatically sent to contractors and control over their implementation will also be carried out.

    Thus, the museum’s work will be organized, starting from the sale of tickets, all repair functions, and ending with managing the flow of visitors in any situation, from normal to emergency. Today, when this or that section of the museum needs to be repaired, often visitors cannot go not only to this particular section, but also to adjacent ones. Soon this problem will disappear and most galleries will be open forever.

    All implemented systems will themselves exchange information with each other, coordinating the work of the museum as a single system. You see, at that pace, well-known queues for tickets will also disappear.

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