Boot to Gecko - a look at the mobile OS from Mozilla [Video]

    Perhaps some know that Mozilla , the developer of the popular Firefox browser, is preparing to release its own mobile OS , codenamed Boot to Gecko . The creators mainly focus on web platform orientation, more precisely, all shells, applications and interfaces will be written in HTML5 .

    At MWC, we managed to find out a few details about the unusual development and look at the alpha version of the system itself.

    As a test device was taken smartphone Samsung Galaxy SII . She Boot to Gecko (B2G) was installed on top of the All Android , and in the future users will be able to install it on rutovannye smartphones. So far, the system is raw and slows down a lot, but you should not demand too much from such an early build.

    An undoubted advantage of B2G is that applications written for it can work on any device with a browser. In addition, it will most likely be distributed free of charge just like Mozilla Firefox. The company is negotiating with various manufacturers of phones on possible cooperation.

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