Gameboy emulation on Android


    I decided to nastalg and launch my favorite Gameboy toys from childhood on my HTC Sensation. Some of them are 25 years old, but from this they have not lost their dynamics and fascination, which allows them to easily beat all sorts of Engry birds and worlds of gu in the struggle to burn my life.

    What is a Gameboy?


    Surely everyone played Well, wait a minute ? So this toy is a domestic clone of portable electronic games - Nintendo Game & Watch , and the latter are the progenitors of the Gameboy family.

    The first Gameboy was introduced in 1989 by Nintendo. He was big and uncomfortable. Then came the Gameboy pocket - a little smaller, with a large screen and power from the scarce batteries in the 90s (AAA) (the scourge of my deed), then the Gameboy Light that was absent in the table above appeared - it became even smaller and got a screen backlight. Then came Gameboy Color- The first gameboy with a color screen. These devices can be attributed to one class of classic gameboys, because they have cartridges of the same format - I will consider their ROMs in this review.

    PS Then came the more advanced modifications of the Advance family - but this is no longer old school.

    What and what will we emulate?

    You can choose any GB emulator for android, I like GBCoid , for some reason it was gone, but an easy search will help you download it from other repositories. It allows you to save and load games from anywhere, even if the ability to save is not present in the game itself.

    In this article, Wikipedia (Eng.) Extensive list of toys for a classic game boy with a detailed description. Finding the ROM you like is on your conscience. To all the toys I have reviewed in the review, I have an original cartridge for a gameboy, before Nintendo I am clean;)

    My selection of the best of the west

    Super mario land


    Super Mario Land is one of the best games on Gameboy . Presented in the same year as the first gameboy - I have never seen better than this version of mario, not on a dandy, anywhere. Highly recommend! Here is a review on Wikipedia (eng.) And prohodilka .

    Micro machines


    The best races I've ever played. The principle is simple - you ride model cars in the bath, on the kitchen, work, billiards and other tables. Addictive - nid for speed - resting. There is a suspicion that it was thanks to this game that I more or less tolerably learned to go into turns on karts.

    Donkey Kong Land 2


    The most striking representative of the epic Donkey Kong. A thoughtful plot, control and maximum dynamics made this game one of the main associators with the Gameboy line. It is presented in a color (yellow) cartridge, which is quite rare. Emphasizes a feature, so to speak. Here is a detailed description .



    FIFA World Cup 96, the most tsimes! The most detailed setting of team tactics, defense or attack - to choose you, an extensive set of national and club football teams, setting and disabling rules (hard tackles and incapacitation of enemy players) - made this game a worthy football simulator of those times.

    It is also the first in the series to present players with real player names and positions, with ranking, transfer and team customization tools. Many experts regard this game as the first really successful FIFA game Wiki

    The first in the series, where there were real names of players and their positions, rating, transfer and team settings. This game has been recognized by many experts as the first most successful implementation of a football simulator.

    PS According to the gameplay, playing through an emulator on a device supporting multi-touch is not much different from playing on Gameboy , you just need to get a little used to it, but Gameboy Pocket itself (on which I actually played in the original versions) costs about 20-30 bucks on ebay , cartridges are sold for 3-5 dollars.

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