Second long awaited Dropquest 2012 from

    Good day, although a couple of topics have already been written about the quest, I want to remind everyone of this event, tell something, and more ...

    The main thing :
    DropQuest2012 page (Not valid until the start of the quest) .
    Start today, Saturday, May 12, 17:00 GMT (21:00 Moscow time and 20:00 Kiev time).

    Recall the prizes:

    1st place (1 participant) - a Dropbox hoodie, a T-shirt from Dropbox from Hack Week, a picture drawn by the entire Dropbox team, an invitation to help develop the next Dropquest, 100 GB of additional space in Dropbox for life.
    2nd place (10 participants) - Dropbox hoodie, Dropbox T-shirt, 20 GB of extra space for life.
    3rd place (15 participants) - a Dropbox T-shirt, 5 GB of extra space for life.
    4th place (50 participants) - 2 GB of extra space for life.
    5th place (100 participants) - 1 GB of extra space for life.

    In any case, all participants who completed the quest will receive a guaranteed + 1GB for your box. If you take 5th place, then you will get 1 + 1GB.

    For more information about the DropQuest 2012 can be read here !

    According to the authors, the current DropQuest will be more difficult than last year, and hint that an easy victory should not be expected. Also, the administration promises to prevent the throw-in of answers to the forum and their blog. But the entire network cannot be controlled.

    As always, a lively discussion is taking place in the IRC-conference port 6667, #HDB channel in which you will find a little surprise and help to complete the quest.

    The fastest will be rewarded with valuable prizes. Well, stock up on popocorn, coffee, and check our wit.

    In the meantime, we are waiting for the quest, you can see how it was in the previous year

    PS Jabber conference can not cope with the influx. Going to irc.

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