Tesla Roadster Battery Features

    Owners of Tesla Roadster electric cars complain that the car’s battery fails at zero charge. At least 5 such cases have already been registered (out of 2,200 Tesla Roadster cars sold).

    As stated in the user manual, for fully charged batteries, the charge drops by 50% in the first week, and then by 5% every week. Discharged batteries will fail in a week. As bloggers caustic in their words say, in this case, the Tesla Roadster turns into a “brick” worth one hundred thousand dollars, and it can only be moved with the help of a tow truck.

    Tesla Roadster is equipped with a set of batteries from 8,000 individual Li-Ion cells, with a total capacity of 53 kWh. The system is controlled by a controller that prevents recharging the batteries in the usual way if the charge level drops below a certain limit.

    Tesla's warranty does not extend to the battery if it has not been properly maintained. Car buyers sign a special paper that they undertake to monitor the battery level and not leave the car for a long time away from the outlet.

    Tesla further explainedthat their battery is not an ordinary battery, but a complex system that needs special care. Like, not to monitor the battery level is the same as not to monitor the oil level in an internal combustion engine of a conventional car.

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