Fridge guard

    This device is useful for those who work at home and often during breaks can not resist the temptation to visit the refrigerator for a portion of something tasty.

    It is a magnet on the refrigerator door in which a timer, display and speaker are built-in. This is not a siren that screams every time you open the refrigerator - you also need to prepare breakfast, lunch, etc. Its task is to remind you that you open the refrigerator too often and show how much time is left until the next opening of the “store” with goodies. "

    Each time you open the refrigerator door, the device counts down the 30 minute period in which you can open the refrigerator any number of times (for example, you cook breakfast, lunch or dinner). After this period of time, the device goes into alarm mode, and if you open the refrigerator earlier than 4 hours later, a siren will sound, calling to your conscience and reminding you of the approaching summer.

    In such a simple way, it will help you get rid of the constant temptation to have a snack during the working day. Of course, it would be cooler to block the refrigerator and prevent it from opening, but such a solution must already be integrated into the refrigerator itself during production. :)

    This is a concept, but maybe you know where you can buy something like that or have already seen similar solutions.

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