Pixelapse - version control system for designers

    California guys have developed an interesting service Pixelapse, which allows you to upload graphic files to the site (integration with Photoshop), automatically creates versions of files and provides rich opportunities for discussing work.

    In short, Pixelapse is GitHub for designers.

    Briefly about the possibilities:
    • Comparison of two or more versions, by placing them next to each other or by overlay. Cool thing, a kind of graphical merge in the browser, fast and convenient.
    • In the comments, you can reference specific versions and users using username and [ref #]. Revision (file version) is inserted into the comment feed in the form of thumbnails.
    • A cool opportunity to select an area in the image with the mouse and comment on it.
    • Pixelapse supports Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks!

    The project is at the testing stage, you can leave an email and send an invitation.
    www.pixelapse.com - the address of the site
    www.pixelapse.com/hn - a demo page where you can explore the capabilities of the system.

    When creating the service, Bootstrap was used - it turned out very stylishly. The site design deserves respect, I really liked the design of the profile in the form of a badge.

    DenimTornado in his comment suggests that at the moment without the Mac'a service can not be used.

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