Big White Circle website closed

    The Big White Circle website , dedicated to the opposition rally on February 26, 2012 in Moscow, was closed. About this "" on Monday, February 20, said one of the organizers of the rallies "For Fair Elections" journalist Ilya Klishin.

    UPDATE: The official statement of ( Link )

    Yes, on February 20th, a massive DDOS attack began on The attack power is 10 gigabits, the client server is connected at 100 megabits. The server's IP address was automatically filtered. What was immediately informed to the client.

    We DO NOT provide “protection against DDOS attacks” services. They never did it, they never announced it, they never advertised it anywhere.

    The site server is in a fully operational state, all data is safe and sound. Information that the data has been erased is simply a lie.

    As far as we can read the Internet, representatives of this site have not publicly announced anywhere that the hosting provider has erased / deleted / destroyed their data. Information about the destruction of data most likely appeared during the reprint of news by journalists. Well, we can only pity them, they have a very difficult job, they need to add more soulful details to the news.

    We regret that the political struggle in our society is waged by such methods.

    The source text of the news
    According to him, the site was closed by the company-owner of the server and erased all the data from it ( WHY ?! ). On the action page on Facebook, however, it is reported that the organizers of the event promptly saved all the information from the site and the maximum that will be lost is the data on registrants for the last hour. explained the blocking of the site by continuing DDoS attacks, which “harm other customers”, without offering any solution to the problem. The campaign organizers intend to look for another server - possibly a foreign one. About how much time the site will take to move is unknown.

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