Shining 3D FreeScan X7 / X7 + 3D Scanner Review

    Industrial laser 3D-scanner FreeScan X7 is powered by Shining 3D - is a portable device that can be easily held in one hand. The weight of the scanner does not exceed a kilogram, which makes it possible to use it in a confined space and hard-to-reach places without tripods and fixings.


    FreeScan X7


    • Measurement accuracy: 0.03 mm
    • Volumetric accuracy: 0.02 mm + 0.06 mm / m
    • Volumetric accuracy with DigiMetric: 0.020 mm + 0.025 mm / m
    • Resolution: 0.05 mm
    • Scan speed: 480,000 scans / s
    • Single scan area: 300 × 275 mm
    • Scanning area: 100-8000 mm
    • Working distance: 300 mm
    • Scanning depth: 250 mm
    • Supported programs for additional measurements: DigiMetric
    • Light source: fourteen laser
    • Laser category: Class II (eye safe)
    • Software: 3DScan
    • File formats issued: STL, ASC, DGM, OBJ, etc., and compatible with measurement programs
    • Supported OS: Win10 64bit
    • Operating temperature: -10-40 ° C
    • Data Transfer: USB 3.0
    • Weight: 0.95 kg
    • Dimensions: 130 x 90 x 310 mm
    • Price: on request


    FreeScan X7 is able to work in a variety of industries, including reverse engineering and 3D quality control. The device allows you to scan objects of almost any size, texture and color.

    The wireless version of the FreeScan X7 + 3D Scanner additionally simplifies the scanning of objects by increasing the mobility of the device. The portable AirMaster module, equipped with a processor for processing data and their further transfer over a Wi-Fi channel with a speed of at least 600 megabits per second, is included in the kit with the scanner.

    The obtained data can be output in real time on a smartphone or tablet, which makes using a 3D scanner even more practical. The novelty is able to work offline for up to 3 hours, the waiting time is about 10 hours. FreeScan X7 + allows the use of replaceable batteries.

    Both FreeScan X7 and X7 + models support the original HOI hybrid scanning system, combining optical and inertial technologies.

    The manufacturer claims that this can significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of building a cloud of points and increase the scanning speed by more than 2 times compared to the models of the previous generation.

    You can scan objects both indoors and outdoors or in other difficult conditions. As a source of light, 3D scanners use an eye-safe 14-line laser grating.

    Scanning accuracy is 30 microns, which corresponds to the German standards VDI / VDE 2634. The scanning resolution is 100 microns, the speed is 480,000 points per second. The device is compatible with the DigiMetric photogrammetric system.

    3D scanners are controlled by four buttons located on the back of the device.

    Shining 3D FreeScan X7 and X7 + come in a protective case. The kit includes connection cables, power supply, calibration panel, a set of tags and a cover.

    Both versions of the scanner from Shining 3D are ready to work with common software for 3D metrology. Supported software includes Geomagic Design X and Control X, PointShape Inspector, Verisurf, Rhinoceros and Mesh2Surface.

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