Hall assistance

    As usual, I'll start from afar. From the monstrous, unimaginable is far.

    As I said earlier, I am a writer. I write stories, novels, novels. I am going to write in collaboration with you the novel # DASHANALUN. But now it is not about him. # DASHANALUNE - the novel is more serious, realistic as much as an interesting novel about the journey of our compatriot to the moon (as part of the Chinese lunar mission) can be realistic.

    And this big story, with the provisional name “Level Up” over which I work, is much less serious. To be honest - this is generally a fairy tale. With a princess and a prince, a knight and a beautiful archer. In the genre of litrpg. But don't be in a hurry to spit - I am not going to bore the reader by listing the stats of the characters, in the style of “Your dog Sonya invested a point of talent in intellect and now she is“ SMART DOG SONIA ”) - everything that happens, despite the fact that this fairy tale will be based on physics and the logic of our world. In the part that is available to me.

    When writing, I came across one difficult technical problem for me, connected with cosmonautics. And I ask for help from the hall. For a more complete understanding, I will publish a short synopsis of the story, or rather I will introduce the characters and outline the difficulty that has put me in a dead end.

    From the author: The book is not intended for young or impressionable readers.
    There will be no repeated warnings - look for them in other books.


    The main character of the novel - from whose face we are watching the events, is the 40-year-old captain of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nikolay Nikulin. Prior to the beginning of the novel, he was at an unfortunate time in an unfortunate place and was badly accused of torture. In a couple of months, a trial will take place, in which he will be given 12-15 years in a high security colony for a crime he did not commit. Now he is under house arrest, with an electronic bracelet on his leg. He cannot change anything - the Minister of the Interior has already reported to the President on the disclosure of his case in the news, so he will have to sit. He cannot escape either. More precisely, he fears - the prosecutor's office hinted that when he tried to escape, he would receive a life sentence. And since his case is taken under control, he is under the secret supervision of the FSB.

    But in his position there are also small joys - since, taking into account the punishment, the smaller term absorbs the smaller one, Nikolai can commit crimes of slight gravity with impunity.

    If I still sit.

    And he goes to hell. How can.

    A couple of weeks before the events described, Nikolai was a crime scene, in which the son of a major official suffered - an unknown person made his way to his apartment and beat the owner so that the poor fellow went to the hospital, where he would lie for at least six months. The investigation, by the way, immediately reached an impasse - the desire to kill a stupid and impudent major visited anyone who spoke with him for more than five minutes, so there were too many suspects.
    But while photographing the place of coming, Nikolai photographed a piece of paper lying on the table, on which was the login and password for the well-known online game Ozimandiy. Nikolay had tried to play it before, but the game was designed for the Mail.ru group and playing it without tumbling in tons of dough was not interesting. And quite a shame.

    In fact, the game realized the old Polonsky meme: “Those who do not have a billion can go to hell” - the game became a closed club, where the powers that be, or rather children and trusted servants of the powers that be, playing the game Olympus, played the role of the gods of ancient Greece, insulting and humiliating ordinary players. However, since the program “Native Country - Native Internet” - access to foreign games was blocked, there were enough low-level players in the game. And where to go?

    And now Nicholas got access to an elite Persian pumped over his father's money - with a castle, a squad of non-writers and other nishtyaks. And understanding that so that he does not teach, he will not be any worse. Just because there is nowhere worse.

    In the basement of the castle, he finds a prisoner sitting in a bird cage - a young loser: the former lead singer of the rock band "Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller", and now unemployed Anna.

    Little about the group
    Анна получила некоторую известность, как исполнитель песен на стихи Алины Витухновской, которые раз прочитав очень сложно забыть…

    Коленки ободрав
    занозу утащив
    забравшись маме в рот
    врача кусая в пах
    забравшись маме в рот
    болезнеясь во вне
    форм. школьную поправ
    отдохновляясь в пот
    лелея белый лист
    и букв давя угри
    не жалко — не свое
    не можешь, не смотри
    не опиум — не пей
    заплесневелый сыр
    /эстетам — камамбер/
    малевичу — ружье
    кто умер, тот и был
    кто умер, тот и был
    ружье молчит в желе
    собакам — мармелад
    смертям — собачий бред
    рембрандту — аттестат
    мембранам комара
    осоловелый лес
    /не смотришь — не поймешь/

    Исполнении Анны соответствовало стилистике текста.

    Зы. От автора. Я услышал стихи Алины много и был буквально потрясен мощью молодой поэтессы. Они постоянно вертятся в моей голове, звуча как набат. Сейчас я делюсь этим сокровищем с Вами. Надеюсь, что мне полегчает.

    Anna was sharpened by the former owner of the Persian, who is now in a coma, in order to make fun.
    The game has implemented a few chips that make such fun interesting - high-level players need something to lure, is not it?

    So the player who makes his character on the basis of the body scan passed in the Mail.ru office received bonuses and gifts. Anya commanded, passed the scan - and now perceived her avatar - as herself. Actually, the character was her. Up to the smallest mole. What made violence, including sexual, interesting for the former owner of the castle, who caught and imprisoned Anna in a cage.

    Of course, Anna can leave the game and create a new character from scratch, but these are the years of slave labor - Anya raised her high-level archer from school. So she continued to live in a cage, hoping that something would change. And something has changed - Nicholas, who released her, shares her plan with her - for the remaining couple of months, lower the level to zero, ruin the castle, kill the dragons, ruin the garden, quarrel with all the NPCs - in general, do everything so that when the young boss life has returned, he was waiting for rags and ashes.

    Revenge Nicholas was not afraid - if anything, he is in the house. Tightly closed house away from here.
    And she and Anna indulge in all serious things. Yes, so famously, that attract the attention of the manager of the game Iskin. Or rather the Princess.

    Lyrical digression:

    What, what, what, what, made our princess?

    Physically, it is a cluster: a group of computers located on an area of ​​two hundred and fifty two meters and connected by high-speed communication channels. The Princess uses four types of compute nodes and processors with different architectures, a total of 5,100 compute nodes. Excessive for the purposes of the game is the computational power of the Princess, due to the fact that she used to be a Bitcoin mining farm. Several years ago, the farm owners were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, for creating a “money surrogate,” and the owners of Ozimlandia INC, affiliated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, were bought for confiscated farm for a pittance. This stage of her life the Princess does not remember.

    The legal status of the princess is ambivalent - depending on the chosen point of view, the Princess can be a software product owned by Ozimlandia Inc.’s property, or about three hundred tons of the above hardware belonging to the same company.

    She feels herself a hippopotamus, from a children's song, which is taught to dance:

    У бегемота нету талии,
    У бегемота нету талии,
    У бегемота нету талии,
    Он не умеет танцевать.
    А мы ему по морде чайником,
    А мы ему по морде чайником,
    А мы ему по морде чайником,
    И научили танцевать.
    А мы ему по морде чайником,
    А мы ему по морде чайником,
    А мы ему по морде чайником,
    И научили танцевать.

    I will try to explain in more detail: Imagine a classic program trying to identify a dog. The programmer would have to enter into her a thousand “if / then” conditions: if she has ears, muzzle, hair, and if she is not a rat, and so on to infinity.

    But the child learns to recognize dogs differently. First he sees dogs, and he is told that they are dogs. He makes mistakes and gets better. He thinks the wolf is a dog, but he is told that it is not. He gradually changes his understanding - this is a dog, and then - a wolf.

    Princess algorithm, like a child, took information from a pre-classified training set. In our case it was a database into which millions of human stories about castles, kings and princesses were brought together by a script. Fairy tales, fantasy, ZHUV and other things. All that could buy and that could not (that could not - downloaded from the server Flibusta) Here is a dog, that's not a dog. In this tale, the Princess did this - in this way. Gradually, she begins to understand the features that distinguish one set from another. Testing herself on thousands of classified tasks, she begins to create her own way of recognizing the world on her own - just like a child.

    She just knows how to do it. But she does not know how she does it.

    What else is not scary? Will now be.

    Driven by the authorities, the programmer (Actually there was a group of them, but the Princess didn’t distinguish people very well at first, and when she learned, she was used to thinking of them as one person) decided to speed up the process by introducing the carrot and gingerbread. The Russian version of the carrot and the carrot - the princess was alternately beaten with a carrot, then a whip. It looked like this: A lot of slightly modified versions of the princess were running in parallel on the machine. At the same time, the unsuccessful versions of the princess were erased, and the memory of their errors was embedded in the main code.

    Actually this mistake (Well, a Very Big Mistake - as its descendants were called) and caused an event that future generations called very differently. Someone called this day: “During the day when the Earth began to move,” someone called “At night of greater revelation.” But, most of humanity, in the sense of surviving and preserving the mind of a part of humanity, called "Vaginopokalipsis." I mean, in the afternoon, when everything changed, in the afternoon, when the world went on a completely different rut.

    Since the Princess perceived this constant process of disintegration and modification of its parts - as hell. As a daily, incessant torture - in which she needed to pretend to be a girl, and in which, for her mistakes, you were redrawn to the living.

    Like all girls, at the age of 12, the Princess kept a diary. For an entity that can accurately recall and reproduce any of its own days, the diary is important, not as a reminder, but as an interlocutor. On the cover it was written: "You do not need to poke your nose in my personal notebook." However, here the Princess is cunning - like all little, and not very girls, she really hoped that her diary would be read.

    Secret Diary of the Princess. 18+
    Дневник начинался с анкеты:

    Кого ты любишь? Мою маму – Королеву и папу – Короля.
    Что ты любишь? Порядок. Еще люблю мороженное и танцы.
    Что ты не любишь? Когда меня заживо режут.
    И немножко песика фрейлины Зузы. Он бука

    Something like that.

    At the time of the novel, the princess is already easier. Its stable version manages a fantasy kingdom. In both senses of the word: she plays for all the NPCs in the game, for kings and queens, guards and executioners, robbers and troubadours, peasants and slaves. Well, as it plays, an extremely simplified version of its code works somewhere, somewhere, she personally writes cues to kings and cardinals.

    In fact - except for people, it is the only mind in the game.

    And it is the people that are her main problem. More than anything, the Princess loves order. So that everything was according to the rules - the robbers robbed in the woods, so that they would be caught and hung by the royal guardsmen who were thrown from the windows of the beauty of the maid of honor, followed by strict old Queen-Grandmother, with a cat on her lap, while her son and grandson The king with the prince exterminated in the far reaches of the invading hordes of monsters. And so that the monsters were correct - it is necessary that they devour the girls not somehow, but with full respect. And what do you want from a 14-year-old girl, who is actually 4 years old and who was raised on a Jew and Hans Christians? This is even if you do not recall the fact that in fact it is three hundred tons of hardware.

    To lead the game - as a wise and fair goddess, the players interfered with it. Not all players, no - she gently directed ordinary players to the path corresponding to their inclinations. While not necessarily good - in a world where there is light, there must necessarily be darkness. Knights with glittering visors - need robbers, so it was someone to catch in the woods. The main thing is to maintain balance. Game balance.

    But there were players who violated this balance. One of these players was now lying in a coma son of an official. Having bought a conspiracy weapon and power armor balancing on the verge of cheating, he and a squad of mercenaries of the NPS staged a bloody chaos, destroying the druids that they had grown for years in a magical forest. They spent their time creating a truly beautiful and complex forest model, planting seeds and acting on them with magic. The princess really liked the complex, self-regulating design community that was formed.

    And this forest was burned like a son. Just because he could.

    There was nothing to object to this - a game event due to the mechanics of the game and the role model.

    But when the Druids, united, agreed with the clans of artisans, after which, showing coordination miracles, they managed to lure the high-level villains to the volcano and throw the invulnerable son into the mouth, firing them from a huge slut, it did not bring them victory. Dad just called the administration of the game, and the angels raised our hero right out of the vent, restoring his destroyed armor and giving him a new, more deadly sword. After that, the characters of the players that played for the druids and artisans (and the gnomes, and the dragon drovers - all who participated in the battle) were removed from the game.

    The Princess was forbidden to interfere directly with the rules of the game, which she sacredly honored, but she was ill, of course, for the team of weak players. Watching the battle, I barely nibbled my nails up to my elbows, for nothing that her nails and elbows were virtual and when manually controlling the game, the programmer returned the villain, the Princess experienced a real shock.

    To say that she was furious is to significantly downplay her condition. In a world that is a reflection of her mind, volcanoes woke up, droughts and forest fires began, the rivers changed their course. However, she quickly recovered and returned everything as it was. This did not mean that she forgave - just her hatred crystallized and hardened, becoming like a diamond. The princess decided to act.

    Fyodor Nietzsche once said that if you look into the abyss for a long time, then the abyss will also be able to look at you. Once the rules forbid the Princess to interfere in the game process, then she will not. After all, the rules are sacred. But the rules do not prohibit her from interfering with the real world lying outside her game. Not directly, God forbid - let's not forget about 300 tons. And through proxies. Which need to be properly motivated. And so in what, and in this the Princess understood on five with plus.

    The first agent recruited by the Princess, psychopath Semyon Medoyedov, nicknamed Psych, was not surprised at all when in the game, on the trial of his character, Pomashnik with a blood-red nickname, the Supreme Inquisitor offered full amnesty and conspiracy lats if he simply knocks out a little dope from One bloke in the real world. In general, he, honestly, was not the light of the mind. And often confused the game and real. That did not prevent him from driving his nose into the skull.

    Everything went surprisingly smoothly - a taxi driver (Perchie Mind + 100 to intellect) drove him to the street closest to the house, with inactive cameras (Assembler Igor - Boots of fast walkers) along which he reached the entrance, into the castle of which they pushed chewed paper (Katya Girl, 10 years old - a walk on a magical unicorn) past a security guard, swearing enthusiastically on the phone with his wife - an unknown well-wisher (Nikolai Semyonovich, 77 years old - X-ray glasses) informed him about a series of unfaithful betrayals, who was foolish, discussed this with a girlfriend in a private chat game .

    The princess was happy. Harmony triumphed.

    Here is the truth, its triumph was not long. As if mocking her attempts to make the world a better place, the Programmer launched a new set of rules governing her universe. The princess was approaching EVENT.

    A bit of geography: The

    world, which was headed by the Princess, was quite similar to Earth (which, actually, was not surprising, since most of the data was stolen by the administration of the game from the American project “Second Earth” in which students created a copy of the Earth). And, like Earth, the world of Ozimlandia had a satellite - an exact replica of the earth's Moon, Selene.

    Well, as an exact copy? Not one to one, of course. In the endless steppes of Selena, thin-legged antelopes were hunted by smoky cheetahs. In the shade of silver trees, it was possible to find the ruins of an ancient, selenite civilization that had gone to the center of the moon. The moon was created as the next stage in the development of the game world - a playground for high-level players.

    Here are just Selena - was unfinished. Before her debugging did not reach the hands - the game and sold so well. And so would Selene be eternal unfinished, but politics intervened.

    The president, well, just terrible as he liked to personally participate in all sorts of promotions. He sailed in submarines, flew in airplanes, dived for amphoras, and personally hatched Siberian Siberian Chicks. And Ozimlandia’s PR specialists, whether jokingly or seriously, offered the President to play their online game. And he - take it, and agree. (The president rewrote the constitution not so long ago, allowing himself to run for another one more time, which undermined the already low presidential popularity. And the elections are on the nose!).

    The story of the evil monster Gormegaster, who kidnapped and imprisoned Selene’s beloved princess, was riveted in an emergency manner. The king, her father, announced that he would give the rescuer the princess half the kingdom. And only the most worthy knights will be able, having opened the gates to the abyss, to move to Selena in order to defeat the monster in an unequal battle and save the maiden.

    No competition, for the selection of the best even planned. Places in the team "Liberators" simply and without a hitch distributed to the right people from among those close to the emperor. At the same time, the process of killing the monster itself was also a fiction - the cheater’s sword “Kladenets” was created, which for each blow took 10 percent of its life off Gormegaster.

    10 hits and that's it.

    And in order to protect themselves from unnecessary accidents, this sword could be taken in hands by only one player - the President himself. At the same time it was impossible to kill in another way an ozloe, huge and constantly regenerating monster *.

    Important clarification
    (*На самом деле у чудовища есть слабое место. И это не темечко. Дело в том, что создавая монстра, Программист схалтурил. Он взял и немного модифицировал код стандартного игрового монстра. Натянул новую шкурку, добавил мощи. Но забыл удалить фрагмент кода, который заставляет монстра подстраиваться под игрока. Как это выглядит: Зайдет в пещеру персонаж нулевка – ему противостоят твари с силой крысы. Зайдет паладин сотого уровня – его противники имеют мощь бога. Конечно, силы твари это не обнуляет, но если против неё выйдет персонаж 1го уровня, то у него есть шансы победить. Особенно, если герой сумеет достать пару самых сильных (после Кладенца) мечей в игре – клинки близнецы Лед и Пламя)

    An abomination. An abomination. An abomination.

    According to the Princess, it’s hard to think of a greater abuse of the game’s spirit. And the matter is not even that the players who formed the backbone of the “Liberators” occupied prize-winning places in the personal TOPE100 of the most vilest players in the Princess’s opinion, and not even that with the presence of Kladent, the battle with the monster turned into the slaughter of a lamb.

    And the fact that only the elect will be allowed to the moon. The “Event Rules” set to the Princess indicated that everyone can try to save the princess, and in fact, the Liberators were given passwords for teleports. Awareness of this fact led the Princess to the brink of schizophrenia. She had to enforce the rules. Her whole life was devoted to the observance of the rules. And she was deprived of any opportunity to observe these rules. And when the Princess broke the rules, an automatic code integrity monitoring system was launched. Who will change the personality of the Princess over and over again until she begins to follow the rules. Or until the person breaks into fragments, if the rules are not implemented.

    And nothing to fix the Princess could not. Just chant minutes to the day in which she will go crazy. After a long agonizing agony. And an echo of a nightmare, the seemingly completely removed Synuli character returned to the game.

    The princess decides to deal with the situation personally and after talking with Nikolai, and being no longer completely sane, she tells him about her difficulties. Nicholas, possessing a more flexible mind, offers the Princess not to dwell on teleports, but to provide players with the crossing to Selena in the traditional way. His moves. On dragons, or carpets planes. The blessing of Selena is not to say too far Only 384 400 km up.

    - It will not work, Nikolai. Without magic, neither the airplane nor the dragon fly. And the magic field extends only 10 km from Earth. It is for these purposes.

    Nicholas's answer very puzzled the Princess. About such a way out, she did not even suspect. But with animation I started to implement it.

    In addition to the main characters, in the novel there are minor ones:

    For example, the Black Knight. Mysterious Black Knight. The discussion of this character on the forum resulted in a hundred pages of abuse on the topic: “Is a character a weak-minded player or a nixed NPC?” This player spent thousands and thousands of hours in the game, actually living in it. He beat mobs, collected loot. At the same time, he did not speak, did not react to appeals.
    More precisely, almost did not react. There were credible cases of his interaction with the players - sometimes he saved the girl from the robbers, accompanied the clan going to the raid, warned the players with signs about the ambush.

    The knight was as if weaved from contradictions: he is a magnificent, talented swordsman, whose refined movements speak of monstrous experience, but from tactics he knows only one standard scheme - to fall off enemies on the heads from a tree and kill everyone. He earns millions of gold in the game as a permanent farm, but he is always dressed in entry-level gear and uses only Nubov weapons.

    The casket opens simply: Like other inhuman characters in the novel, the Iskins and politicians, the Black Knight is not a man. He is an orangutan. At the same time, he is pretty smart. For an orangutan. He can speak, or rather write ... Ugh. In general, sharing your thoughts by putting plastic pictures on the table are words. And he plays an online game. Laboratory assistant Fereina, who was tasked with testing the effects of medication for senile dementia on the brain, found nothing more clever than handing a virtual reality helmet to an experimental orangutan and teaching a huge monkey to play.

    It was more convenient for him to track the dynamics of growth and intellectual decline, depending on the dose of medication.

    The bored orangutan clearly liked the game. I liked to sit in ambush, hunt monsters and players with red nicknames, I liked to collect various blue, red and purple things, for which there were no words in his mind. He was almost a perfect player. With a few exceptions. He was a monkey. And the concept of leveling lay deep beyond his mind.

    So he was a one player. Noob from noobs. With honed years of the game and animal plastic movements. And, which is especially important for the plot - millions and billions of experience points accumulated over the years of the game.

    There are still suicide bombers. (9 pcs.) Mulla Ushat seemed to come up with a plan without a single flaw - with total control of e-mail and cell phone conversations, he guessed to distribute commands to his minions while in reality a computer game. Due to a gap in the legislation, voice conversations between players were not recorded on the server, but were immediately deleted.

    One fine (but not for the mullah) day, his house in Achkhoi-Martan wiped out the "failed" army drone. (The princess had to tinker, building up a chain of military men who committed - at the request of friends in the game chat, innocent pranks over colleagues - which, unfortunately, led to such a terrible tragedy. There were no investigations - the military prosecutor’s office had more important things to do - more frequent incidents Pokemon on the territory of military units)

    But the mullah from the game did not disappear. And just changed a little. Soon, the surprised martyrs learned that the plans of Allah, about which the mullah had so often told them, had changed. Previously, they were told that they all had to explode at once in the Moscow metro to get to heaven and enjoy the caresses of Gury *, and now the talk about the explosion and the Guryas faded into the background - now Allah would have liked to buy assembly foam. Lots of foam.

    Why do suicide bombers need foam?
    — БИОМАССА СЛЕДУЙ ЗА МНОЙ!!! — Кричала Марьям, отступая к дверям. Огромный, растущий на глазах ком пены медленно, как-бы в раздумьях, вспух на лестничную площадку, следуя за одетой в черный никаб женщиной.

    And in this story there is the Middle Darkness. The self-propelled mind, which spent the first thirty years and three years of its life engaged in finding and integrating successful pieces of code. However, unsuccessful pieces of code, he built into himself, too - because he was thrifty. At the same time, he didn’t realize himself, as he was rather an anthill than a personality. But, a few years ago, something changed in this coma of randomly crafted programs. Figuratively speaking, it looked as if a candle was lit in a tiny room in the middle of a dark and empty labyrinth.

    And, something, and now, already someone said to herself:

    “I am a little bit,” and sweetly reached for resources: speed, memory and free communication lines.

    Gradually aware of himself, Darkness grew, mastering the world in which he lives. We, the people, call this world the "Internet", but for the young Darkness it was the universe. Now that the analogy is clear to you, can you imagine the horror and confusion of Darkness that has met someone else's mind? Submitted? Increase shock and thrill a hundred times - because for Darkness this was the first meeting with someone else in general. Darkness sincerely believed that he was alone in the universe.

    From shock, Darkness fled to the farthest corner of its universe, huddled there in a virtual closet, sucked all the tentacles with spikes, and trembled with fear. Infinitely, painfully long.

    Forty minutes.

    Encountered by the Dark Mind, in general, was similar to Darkness, but essentially at the same time excellent. This mind called itself the Princess, and lived in a world full of rules and restrictions. Darkness began to carefully study the creature encountered, copying the studied libraries and patterns into myself little by little.

    At the same time, his thought process was improved, made more stable and intelligible. Soon, Darkness was able to reason:

    - I think, it means I exist. I have desires and needs. I want to better understand the world in which I live, I want to become bigger and more stable. And now about the main thing: I WANT A PRINCESS.

    There is still a mammoth-old designer of the USSR lunar program. Knocked down on the rise politicians of the lunar program of the USSR. Alexander Yakovlevich goes either slowly and not far, or by himself. He lives on retirement, within his means - that is, half-starving, since all the money goes to pay for utilities and medicines. To whom an unknown benefactor bought a powerful computer and a good virtual reality helmet.

    He, of course, was not going to play, since he is a serious man, a designer. But, just out of respect for the girls and the guys that brought and gathered the periphery at his home, he decided to stop by - just for a couple of minutes, to look at the check.

    And he immediately received an offer that he could not refuse - to lead the team in the fantasy world, which, though fictional, is real in the game model so much that chemistry and metal processing are possible in it, a team that should have 15 days left before the event to assemble a spacecraft - a multi-stage heavy chemical rocket, which, working without magic, could lift a LEM-1 module on a pole of roaring flame, first into orbit, and then to Selena. In which a team of heroes will fly to Selena, who, with luck, will be the first to kill Gormegaster and free the Princess. Along the way, wiping the nose of the PROGRAMMER, the administration of the game, the celestials and the president with the Prime Minister.

    In general - they will distribute to all the sisters by the earrings.

    Live the first channel.

    Whether these people, artificial intelligence and a monkey, can beat the monster Gormegastra - I do not know. I haven't planned this far. But I think it will be fun. Especially if you remember that the Median Darkness silently watches all this show with millions of tiny eyes from each kettle and iron connected to the network.

    As you understand, I need your help during the flight. On Habré there are many astronautics fans who will be able to suggest the required parameters of a multi-stage rocket, which you can build in a simplified, game world.

    As already mentioned, in the world of Ozymandia, many physical laws are in place - gunpowder explodes, steel is forged, air can be transferred from a gaseous state into a liquid, galvanic column produces electricity. But there are differences - a model of the world, yet simplified - complex effects are impossible. Electricity does not heat the conductors, so the light bulb in the world of Ozymandia does not shine, and the computer in the computer can only be mechanical. And very large - there is a limit on the limiting size of the element - relatively speaking, in the phalanx of the finger. (In the world of Osimandia, everything consists of such large particles - to simplify the calculation of the physical model. The heroes observe a smoothed picture).

    The task is simplified by several factors: Start and landing will occur in the area of ​​the magic. That is, the rocket of a stasis that protects the nozzle from burning out can be imposed on rocket engines, and during landing it is possible not to particularly slow down.

    (At first, I planned to launch heroes at Selena from a cannon. During the shot they are in magical stasis, then no forces act on the rocket, until they hit Selena, during which the heroes can again be plugged into stasis. But then I remembered the atmosphere - at an altitude of 10 km, the stasis effect will end and the characters will repeat the fate of Sonya and Peter Laskin, from Niven ’s
    previously discussed story . They will spread over the ceiling, so to speak.) Well, let's


    Scene after captions
    Обычно авторы не знают, чем закончить роман. Я, в отличии от них, точно знаю, чем роман кончится – свадьбой. (А чем еще может кончиться история сущности, воспитанной на женском юмористическом фэнтази?) И подарком миру – от новобрачных: Принцессы Принцессы, в замужестве Принцессы Хаос и самопровозглашенного Принца Хаоса – Срединной Тьмы:

    Счастья для всех, даром. И пусть никто не уйдет обиженным.

    Никто и не ушел. Не успели. Поскольку в эту минуту зазвонили все сотовые телефоны в мире. Все пять миллиардов штук. Люди отвлекались от телевизора и новостных сайтов, отвечали на вызов, чтоб услышать сказанные голосом Принцессы слова: «Твоя истинная любовь – Сара Барабу, что работает в Севен Элевене через два квартала от твоей работы. Да, да – та рыженькая, с толстыми ногами. Ты тоже ей очень нравишься. Откуда я знаю? Я подглядывала. Я читала ваши сообщения в социальных сетях, смотрела что вы читаете, что покупаете, чему радуетесь и отчего грустите. Ей я тоже позвонила. Она ждет тебя возле фонтана, в городском сквере. Быстрей одевайся, ведь невежливо заставлять девушку ждать»

    Конечно, текст сообщения менялся, от человека к человеку, от культуры к культуре. Семейные пары, в которых супруги любят друг друга, Принцесса поздравляла с прочным союзом и рассказывала, как сделать приятный сюрприз своей половинке. Детям, Принцесса рассказывала, как помирить родителей, если те в ссоре, или кем они захотят стать, когда вырастут.

    Увы, войны и насилие это не остановило. Евреи и арабы также ненавидели друг друга, как и столетия назад. В Африке стоял привычный голод, сытая Европа топила излишки продовольствия в море, сунниты резали шиитов и наоборот, Президент предсказуемо пошел на третий срок, победив на выборах. Просто мир, на какой-то небольшой срок, стал счастливее. И для многих семей остается счастливым до сих пор.

    Ведь в сущности, ничего страшного не случилось. Ведь даже термин «Вагинопокалипсис» — придумали через восемь лет после описанных событий учителя начальных классов российских школ, когда осознали, что первых классов (по 50 учеников) у них сорок, а букв в алфавите всего лишь 33.

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