A microchip has been created in Germany to monitor the state of a tumor in the body

    High technology is now inextricably linked with almost all areas of our lives. Even cooking in most cases is no longer without high technology, including the use of various kinds of computing devices and materials that come from the field of space flights (the same Teflon, now banned in most countries, but allowed in native lands). Naturally, medicine is one of the areas where the use of high technology is simply necessary. More than once on Habré it was reported about the creation of certain devices that track the change in the state of the body and tell everything to the owner or immediately to the attending physician. The other day there was news that a special chip has been created in Germany that can track the change in various kinds of tumors in the body.

    Those. if the tumor grows, expands, the chip warns about it. If it decreases, the chip will “tell” about it. At the same time, of course, no wires are needed - all data is transmitted wirelessly. A patient who receives a warning can go to the doctor, show him the data, well, and he will already prescribe treatment. According to the developers, it is likely that a treatment mechanism will be created using the automatic introduction of the drug into the tumor, provided that its “behavior” changes. So it will be possible to rely on automation in this difficult matter.

    Scientists say that the chip will be able to help in difficult situations, when it is quite difficult to get to the tumor - and after all, a similar situation arises quite often. Such a chip will be placed next to the tumor, and if something goes wrong, the chip will “tell” about it. If all is well, then nothing will need to be done.

    The principle of the chip is to determine the amount of oxygen in the tissues surrounding the tumor. If the amount of dissolved oxygen decreases, then the tumor grows. Accordingly, the chip immediately begins to sound the alarm, and the patient can go to the doctor to clarify the situation. In general, it would be very nice if such chips really began to be widely used.

    Via darkdaily

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