Anonymous began to avenge Megaupload

    A few minutes after the report on the arrest of the founders of Megaupload was published on the website of the US Department of Justice , the operation of retaliation Anonymous was announced . At the moment, as a result of the DDoS attack, the sites of the Ministry of Justice , RIAA , MPAA , Universal Music and the US Copyright Office are located .

    Today's attack was the largest in the history of Anonymous: 5635 people confirmed the use of LOIC (a program for stress testing sites, there are client and server versions).

    Recall that in the Megaupload case 4 people were arrested, charges were brought against three more (the list is under the cut) and 20 people from eight countries were put on the wanted list (their names are not named). Three Megaupload data centers were arrested, property worth $ 50 million was confiscated.

    Seven people who have been charged (four of them are arrested, three are still at large):
    • Kim Dotcom, founder of the project, 37 years old, lives in Hong Kong and New Zealand;
    • Finn Batato, Marketing Director, 38 years old, Germany;
    • Julius Bencko, designer, 35 years old, Slovakia;
    • Sven Echternach, Business Development Director, 39 years old, Germany;
    • Mathias Ortmann, Technical Director, 40 years old, Germany;
    • Andrus Nomm, Programmer and Development Manager, 32 years old, Estonia;
    • Bram van der Kolk, Web Development Consultant, 29 years old, Netherlands.

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