closed by the FBI, founders and several more employees arrested

    The news is shocking, but this is not another yellow headline, but a harsh reality.

    The FBI website lucidly informed that two organizations and seven private individuals were charged with repeated violation of copyright, making a profit of $ 175 million and causing damage of half a billion dollars. How all this was considered, as usual, is not described, and it does not really matter, since several weather cases do not occur on the MegaUpload scale.

    The mentioned citizens face many years on 3 charges:
    1) 20 years for fraud
    2) 20 years for money laundering
    3) 5 years for each case of copyright infringement The

    main characters in New Zealand were arrested upon request from the United States.

    If you believe the accusation, then on the site for five years laid out files that violate copyright, films (often before the official release in theaters), TV shows, music, e-books and a great variety of software. More than 150 million users were registered on the site, about 50 million people visited the site every day, which is 4% of the global Internet traffic. The owners earned money by selling ads and premium accounts.

    The prosecution alleges that the defendants conducted illegal activities based on a specially designed business model that encouraged users to download the most popular content and then advertise it. The prosecution indicates that the site could not be used by users for personal long-term storage, since files that no one downloaded were deleted after a while. The accusation reveals the essence of the affiliate program, which encourages users to upload popular content and drive traffic to the site, often using third-party so-called “link sites”. Ernesto raises an interesting topic

    at TorrentFreak : “What is happening with Swizz Beatzwho was announced CEO MegaUpload some time ago? ” While the question remains unanswered, it is not on the list of arrested persons.

    This part of the text was thrown by ZolDoR , saying that he was a little late with the translation, not to lose the good :)

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the investigation denies the connection of recent protests against proposed laws aimed at combating piracy.

    Before closing, the website stated that the charges were “tremendously exaggerated”

    “The vast majority of our traffic is legal, and we are not going anywhere,” it was also said.

    “If the media industry wants to capitalize on our fame, we will be happy to begin dialogue. We have good ideas, please contact us. ”

    Founder of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom:

    PS Revenge began for MegaUpload from Anonymous, you can search for #OpMegaupload and #OpPayBack:

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