Simpla and SugarCRM Integration

    Modern online business due to high competition without sales analysis, identifying key customer groups, products, marketing campaigns, will not give you the desired level of sales. It is necessary to look for new customers, and increase the loyalty of existing ones. That is why for quite some time in the West CRM systems have been used for such purposes.

    For the further successful development of Simpla, the market of SugarCRM implementation specialist companies was studied and a decision was made to integrate with the popular free SugarCRM CRM system. The next stage of our work was the selection of partners for the development of this module. We started monitoring the market of Russian companies specializing in SugarCRM. Based on positive feedback from customers, a large variety of integrations with third-party systems, SugarTalk was chosen as an integrator .

    So, thanks to our joint efforts, the Simpla online store now has the ability to integrate with the SugarCRM system. Finally, store owners have the opportunity to analyze the work of their store.

    At the moment, this bundle is being tested and soon the module will be available in the public domain.

    The integration protocol will be included in the next version of the Simpla store. A module for CRM is distributed free of charge under the aGPL v 3 license.

    Consider some of the advantages of integrating with CRM:

    1) Now managers will be able to see all contacts in CRM, select contacts using various criteria (for example, spent more than $ 100, or vice versa single purchase). And to carry out marketing campaigns (for example, email campaigns directly from CRM) for selected target groups that stimulate new purchases. And also evaluate their effectiveness.

    2) Report the receipt of new products to potentially interested buyers who made the purchase of a similar product a certain period of time ago. For example, we’ll select all the buyers who bought Iphone 3 last year, and send out a letter from CRM with a proposal to purchase the newly arrived Iphone 4. We will monitor the number of letters received, the number of people who clicked on the link to the product information page, and the number of people who made a purchase .

    3) CRM now contains all categories, products and purchases of customers. We can use standard CRM diagrams to analyze purchases by month, analyze the percentage of purchases by product categories, use standard or third-party report modules to generate sales reports.

    4) If you have several stores, then the plus, thanks to this module, will also be the ability to accumulate all the information in one place.

    And this is not all the opportunities that open up after integration. In fact, everything here is limited by your SugarCRM skills. SugarTalk specialists are ready to help you with installation, configuration, integration, or any individual modifications for a fee. SugarTalk specialists also have extensive experience integrating with various systems, you can get this information on the website .
    Ready to consider the proposals for the module under development, what else would you like to receive from this integration? Contact SugarTalk. All contact information on the SugarTalk website .
    Wait for the detailed announcement after testing is complete.

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